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  1. As title, selling at $18. Free : 2 Chromis pls contact at 9Three888Svn4Svn. Collections at Woodlands. Thanks
  2. As title, about small palm size, selling $10. Pls contact 9three888sev4sev
  3. Giving away.. Tonight collect at Woodlands. pls contact 9Three888Sev4Sev
  4. As title, pls pm to 9tree888svn4svn. Collection at Admiralty. 7-8pm weekdays, or arrangable on weekend. Thanks.
  5. As title, pls msg 9three888seven4seven. Just bought it few days ago, but it's not doing good in my tank... so pls deal to collect today! At Admiralty area!
  6. As title, pls contact 93888747. I bought at $30, thinking to let go at$20 ... as it tends to nipping on my cleaner shrimps =p
  7. Sorry for late reply. Fish collected.
  8. about 1 inch size.. already caught. Collection at woodlands. Pls pm me. Thanks
  9. Would like to trade Damsel & Firegoby with Auto feeder.
  10. Reserved by Bro andtsg for collection tonight.
  11. Would like to give away Orange butterfly ~2.5inch (9months with me) collection at woodlands. On and off, its having white spot on its fin. Hope someone who is expert on curing white spot to hav it. Pls pm me to deal.
  12. Would like to trade Yellow Candy 2.5inch with any mid sized flasher or fairy wrasse. Prefferable semi-aggresive type. Interested, pls pm me for pic. Thx
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