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  1. Bright Red Gonio with blue center at reduced price of $160 Encrusting Gold Litho with green tentacle tips large frag at $35
  2. Yellow Ultra Rock Flower Anemone: 6cm diameter - $150 Colony of bright red Goniopora with blue tips and blue middle: $180 24k Gold Lepto Large Frag: $35 Encrusting Gold Litho Fully Encrusting on Frag Plug: $40 Contact 92319543 please
  3. Calcium still have reagent B but expires next year Feb
  4. REVISED PRICES 1) 11 Polyps of TYREE Rasta Zoas - $80 2) Premium Red Gonio Colony (about 8cm+ open) with blue center - $200. Grew this from a tiny, tiny frag that cost a bomb at the time (not the more common dirty red colour, brighter). 3) Sunburst Bernardpora - $200 4) Premium 4 colour Gonio with green base, pinkish-cream tips and blue Center (Large frag) - $180 5) Speckled Krakatoa (2polyps) - $50 6) 24k Gold Leptoseris (Large 4cm Frag) - $40 7) Green Base, Yellow Tip Hammer (Colour has faded at the base) about 10 cm diameter - $190 I may not be able to accommodate viewing requests but rest assured, if after purchase the coral does not look like the photos within reasonable degrees, I’ll give a full refund. please contact me at 92319543 as I rarely check my forum inbox. thanks for viewing! Caleb
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