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  1. Dear Bro Thanks for taking over the tank and bringing the trolley over. Helps a lot. I am sure my pets found the right home and thank you for helping so that I don't need to strain my back. You are the best! Harry
  2. Dear Reefers The deal is sealed by a kind bro who needs it for a smaller tank. And thank you for all the kind wishes.. Lesson learned - ALWAYS take care of your back. And see a doc when there is pain. Harry
  3. Dear Reefer Bros, I injured by back recently (nothing life-threatening nor long term) and the doc has recommended no bending down. So it is with a heavy heart I am giving up the 5-year hobby and thanks to many bros here who gave me excellent advice over the years. For SGD200: 1. Fluval US 5 Gallon EVO Tank (the freshwater version but converted to seawalter) 2. The AI Prime light 3. Artica Chiller 1/15 (i think) 3. Eheim Canister with half a tank of porous membrane 4. SICCE canister (used once as a backup) 4. Aquatic Life Twist-In 75 GPD, 4-Stage RO/DI Water Filtration Unit (used like
  4. Dear all, it has been some time since I updated on this site. As I have previously written, one of our companies is in water purification technology business for human beings. Out of mischief (really thinking out of the box), we decided to apply the same technology meant for humans to the reef tank. To our stunned minds, the technology killed all the bad bacteria, READ this- my blue tang no longer catches the infamous white spot diseases, it stabilizes the water parameters, suppresses algae and yet not harmful to corals, shrimps and fishes. This is not a marketing stunt. We obviously signed a
  5. Dear Santa Monica, Your idea is brilliant and thank you. You should manufacture it in China and sell this. Here is an idea based on your concept. I use the Innovative Marine Nano Reactor in my Fluval Edge. And it already turns brown. There is a little bit of algae. Why there is no massive algae is because there is water flow pushing upwards and there is no rough surface. So all i need is to insert a roughed up plastic piece inside. Get an airpump and a small airstone. Now you have dual function. The reactor still works because the water flow will move the pellets inside. The air bubbles wi
  6. Thank you! I never thought of artificial rock!!! I often wonder who will buy such rocks! Now I do!
  7. You guys are right. I poured 6 cans of soda water. One came out and died. The other is still inside the rocks or escaped while I lifted the rock out of the sand. I know I can leave it in the sun, cure it and put it back. But I hate the idea of a hibernating alien. And the rocks started to smell after the soda water soaking. Had to throw the rocks. If I hear knocking on the glass tonight. It means Alien 2!!!! By the way is there any shop that sells live rocks with no monster? I know can't guarantee but minimal chance or it is too good to be true? Boy I am exhausted doing this pest
  8. Found out another live rock has the other mantis shrimp! So now two live rocks in the pail. I really need help? What else can i do? Thanks reefers!
  9. The title is just for fun but removing the mantis shrimp has been painful and without success. Thanks to the reefers here who adviced me to get rid of two Mantis shrimp piggybacker, I decided to take action. First I did the inverted water trap. Failed. I bought this trap from a LFS. (See picture.) Tried it in the tank. Failed. Thankfully I saw the live rock in which the shrimp was residing. I took the rock out and placed the trap in it with food. (See picture) Failed. This morning, after reading some articles, I tried to put cold freshwater. Failed. Poured non-sweet carbonated water. Faile
  10. Thanks Patrick for the reminder that it is an experiment and no heroics.
  11. Is everyone who tried this ok? I mean the tank not you . I just changed to the fluval edge tank due to fengshui reasons (resistance and argument is futile) and there were some casualty. (See member tank posting). New tank syndrome despite the same filter medium, sand, water etc. but the surviving ones are doing fine.
  12. I did my own trap. Failed. Bought a proper trap from a LFS. Put mysis shrimps inside. When submerging the trap, the knob came off and all the shrimps came out. Another meal time for everyone. The short answer is no. Haiz
  13. tried building my own trap did not work. Caught the cleaner prawn instead! Bought a trap and trying. It is tough catching it.
  14. Dear all, can identify what is this piggybacker in the tank? I think it is hitting the tank once a while. A pistol shrimp?
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