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  1. Hi can pm me the price of the purple queen anthias, dwarf angels and fairy wrasses? Thanks!
  2. Thanks bro! I used 8 packs of 20lb sand. It's around 1.5-2 inches sandbed I think
  3. Installed one side of the lights. Will install the other side when I have more time next week.
  4. Some livestock from Iwarna. Sri Lanka shipment yesterday, powder blues, red coris, small blue tangs etc
  5. How long have you been using it?
  6. Hi all, anybody have a pH pen brand to recommend? Thinking of getting one to measure pH more accurately. Any reefers have experience with Milwaukee, bluelab etc? Or any pH pen on q10 will do?
  7. Added bacteria about 1.5-2 weeks back, just checked my tank parameters: temperature (skimmer not on) - 28.4 pH - 8.3 ammonia - 0 nitrite - 0 nitrate - 0.25 test kits used are from API. May get a pH pen in the near future for more accuracy. Have test kits for phosphates, Kh, Ca from DD and salifert, haven't tested as those are for the later part when I start to add stuff
  8. Thanks bro hahah I finalised my scape today with some coral glue. Will take a picture soon. As for bio media, Edmund from fnm actually told me that the blocks may get clogged more easily than the spheres. So I went with one box of the sphere. Thanks for the suggestion tho!
  9. Got my new led lightings: aquanice (a jap brand I think) led for refugium. 2x white AI hydra 52 HD for dt. The reason I went for white was to minimise heat absorption. Now waiting for my rails to come also bought a few more accessories - accudrip for easy acclimation, and a siphon
  10. Sump tank specifications (cm): 137x64x34 planning to put ceramic rings in the first chamber, and activated carbon in the small chamber beside the return chamber. Thinking of putting miracle mud in the refugium, with live rocks and chaeto. Might add in a bp reactor next to the skimmer for extra filtration. Not sure what's the difference between bp reactor and fluidised reactor tho
  11. Realised my overflow compartment was leaking, have to redo the silicone layer stopped my pump too
  12. Recently changed my rockscape. Will have to buy coral glue to make it stable
  13. Okay thanks bro! The tank is pretty shaded cause it's on the ground floor. Will try to upload more photos of it soon
  14. Yeah hahaha of course I read the spread is 3 feet tho... Hmm you got any lighting system to recommend?
  15. I like tangs so I'll put some in. Corals not sure leh hahaha. Maybe new year sale go shop a bit
  16. It's 5 feet actually. Hahah measured it already. But yep it's his office tank
  17. Hmm I got it from Larry too tho cause he was using this for the tank. Room temperature water is 28 deg, this chiller should be enough right?
  18. Equipments I'm using now: wavemaker: jebao cp40 skimmer: jns co 3 return pump: Jebao dc12000 lighting: none yet, planning to use ai hydra 52 HD x 2 chiller: hailea hs90a
  19. This is my tank right now after adding sand, rocks and salt
  20. Hi guys, just got a new (2nd hand) tank from Larry last month, hoping to start a new mixed reef tank. A major upgrade from my previous 3x1.5x1.8, very excited I'm still relatively new to this hobby, hopefully all the lao Jiaos can teach me as I go
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