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  1. Hi! Looking to trade the following for zoas/lps/softies. Open to anything bow tie blaster 1 head captain America 2.5 heads eye of rah 7 heads Sour apple zoas 10+ heads, with some king Midas attached collect in Bedok msg at 97210603 for faster response
  2. Selling 4 heads for $30. Very good deal. Frag is stable and constantly growing more heads in the tank Collection at either Bedok or Kallang
  3. Wts 1hp compressor with coil. Used for 3 years. $350 1 ATI 8 TUBE T5 3 ft $80. Ballast working properly, but fan doesn't work, 3 wave makers (wp40, wp60, rw8) $30, 40, 50 respectively. Wave maker ballasts replaced with higher watt power supplies 1x unknown ehiem pump (used for 6 years+) $40 Collection in bedok Whatsapp me at 97210603 if interested. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hi all Looking to sell all my fishes. All reef safe. $90 for everything. Price negotiable. Hp: 97210603. Location at bedok 1x parrotfish 1x silver fish with nice big yellow eyes ~6x blue/yellow damsels(not agressive) 1x Bicolor dottyback 3x clownfish(nemo) 1x fairy wrasse 1x birdfish There may be some fishes in my tank I didn't include. Whatever it is you will get every fish in my tank as is. Note that copper band in the photos not with me anymore, thus not for sale. Please WhatsApp me. I don't use this forum often. Thank you for reading my offer! Have a good day
  5. Af is really amazing. Within 1 week of dosing probio s the polyp extension of my sps became multiple times longer. And that was before i dosed any other additives. If youre not completely sold on AF just try probio s. I guarantee you it will blow your mind and make your sps extremely healthy and happy. Thanks for reading [emoji12]
  6. If anyone wants the glass only pm me! Special arrangements can be made! Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  7. Ups!! Tank for sale again! Sent from my SM-N920I using Tapatalk
  8. Sell my 4 by 2 by 1.5 glass tank as well as cabinet. Going for only $250. Cheap as i need to clear fast. Front glass is crystal. There are a few minor scratches on the glass The slant glass is very good for viewing corals top down, as well as from a normal perspective Transportation not provided. Interested buyer please message me at 97210603. Thanks!
  9. Wah got a reefer here with 15 colonies of ssc? i want see fts sia!
  10. Both pieces sold! Sorry for those who enquired but i didnt respond to!
  11. Bro pm me if you interested. I have 2 heads for sale
  12. 2 sticks of forest fire for sale. Broke from colony while cleaning. $30 for the big piece and $20 for the small one Colors better irl. Phone camera sucks lol
  13. Long time no update! Exams coming so i have lesser time now to deal with my tank! Some picture updates ------------------------------------ Fts Coloring up sps i got from Joe P 6 months ago Nana sps making a comeback Beautiful desawi a friend helped me save when my old tank crashed Unorganized zoa acan bed Fields of green cos my tank is still cycling!
  14. Imo and ime the main things to check first (as tofu mentioned) is po4 and no3. Then you should check your kh. If you can lower your po4 and no3, and maintain stable kh your tank will be sps ready in no time [emoji106]
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