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  1. Drum has been reserved. Left di set for $30
  2. Selling 4 stage DI. Need to change the resin and carbon. Not sure how many L blue drum. Should be around 20 to 30. Drums comes with foc wheels. Both for $50 Self collect at bukit batok or ubi during office hours.
  3. Selling for $180. Used about a year plus. Still going strong. Brand new already $400 plus Self collect at bukit batok or ubi on weekdays office hours
  4. Left about 10kg left. Selling for $50. Self collect at bukit batok or ubi on weekdays office hours.
  5. all reserved or sold. Ups for BM Elite 5 skimmer
  6. Gyre and chiller sold. Up for the rest
  7. Selling apex el set. Comes with 1 temp probe, 1 pH probe. 2 power bar. Foc fluid monitoring mode. 2 leak sensors, 1 flow sensor. Total $550
  8. All test kits $120. Hanna kh left 1/3 reagents, hanna phos ulr got 1 new box of reagents. Coral box Back up battery $40 Collection at bukit batok. Or ubi on weekdays
  9. Selling the following. Collection at bukit batok Teco tk1000 chiller $450 Bubble magnus elite 5 $150 Apex power bar $180 Filter media - siporax and maxspect bio balls and plate $60 maxspect jump gyre gf2k $80 Aquaforest reactor $60 All live rocks $50
  10. Pm me if you have a 3ft 2 tubes t5. Aquazonic etc
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