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  1. Ok ... wise to follow some establish (redsea) method . Else got too much parameters to tweak and juggle .
  2. Hi Mervyn! Saw your healthy colourful frags on sale . Mind you share how you feed your SPS frags ? Do you think coral need to eat a lot ? ... fish poos, reefroids, oyster eggs, live phyto/ rotifers, ? Or corals eat little... just need trace element in water ie dosing amino,vitamin (ie UNLS system) Or do you just 'dump them all in' ? A lot of people (like me) never get pass constantly deteriorating coral/frags .
  3. 2 inch frag at $20 whatsapp pic to 9sixfivefouronezerotwofour
  4. Gotten some very nice frags from a bro . Thanks. Thread close.
  5. size 1.5inch x 1.5 inch. whatsapp 9sixfive41zerotwofour
  6. Hi Cedric, Need your views whether there are such thing as 'matured water' in 'matured tank' . There is definitely 'matured liverocks' which have many coraline algae and many critters and good algae .There is mature filtration/sump system which after a year or two have lots of bacteria . I dont think there is 'matured current flow' or 'matured lighting' which needs to be at par from the start else tank wiill not be great ever. INeed to understand about the waters. Successful reefers generally does 10% WC weekly so the original water and components eg salt,ca,mg,dkh,k,AA, has
  7. After 3 weeks of carbon dosing the nitrate and phosphate drops to 'within the last color bar'. It is still very closer to the last bar , so it could be 140/120 and 9/8 . The whole process is suppose to be 4 month. Unfortunately bacteria generated are flying all over the tank.. they are relatively big can see with naked eye under the lighting and causes my tangs to keep scratching on rocks and hide under the rock. Over the weekend i aborted carbon dosing and water change 80% .
  8. My test kits and method and result should be good , i counter check by making 1 litre of new saltwater from tap and sea salt. It shows nitrate around 5 and phosphate <1. No observable behavior from fish or shrimp . Previously when i do 1.5 month 50% water routine. i had all these problem instead ie disease fin rot, ick , skunk shrimp die after i do 50% water change the next day. I think my late regular lite filter cleaning routine remove off all these disease problem i think back now, If there is weird con during my last 8 month no water change routine , is that t
  9. Ok, i been wondering since, how could millions of saltwater keeper have miss the 'perfect' water ? After all i am just doing normal wool filtering with some carbon , plus too fed-up with mixing salt into water carrying and pouring them around. So i get the API nitrate and phosphate test kit just now to test my crystal clear water is good . HOLY SHIT ! The nitrate and phosphate level both busted out of color bars to compare with ! It is more then 160 and 10 !! So science have spoken......bro Kenyee's earlier suggestion is right . Toxication could come in any day since t
  10. Would you still believe there is toxic material (unknown and untestable) or agree these are insignificant if fishes can live in such water for like 3 years ? Such are clinical testing especially required in medical field . Clinical testing is still done when we mix packaged sea-salt and tap water to form saltwater for tank. But nobody question or interested in the result anymore.
  11. Brother , we are not living in it only, We are eating it too ! organically or via newater . hahaha...
  12. Looking at fishes behavior is not useful. They seem always happy. Even before cleaning in those dirty water which accumulated two months of phosphate and nitrate dirts. Seem like you would doubt in scientific test also , after worrying what is tangible (visual ). The force is strong in you ! Permit me to ask further ..... how clean is the water we drink? If science tells us these are a billion years old , as old as age of earth is born, will we then think it is dirty now and think better dont drink it ? Actually if you think a little more about the 'worry ' (ie clear water is s
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