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  1. I'm wondering if anyone here is a flatfish enthusiast. Care to share what flatfishes you are keeping?
  2. Prazi gold might work provided that its not an issue of lack of feeding due to competition from other fish. You can get it at places like polyart
  3. Good idea to also check if they are temperate oysters.
  4. Dont worry, I am relocating to set up something much much bigger than an ordinary home aquarium. It will take a few years of effort and I hope to succeed
  5. Okok, can try again next time. If not can try coral farm. It is occasionally in stock there too. But just call before you go. Good luck!
  6. He may have small ring cowries in that same tank, just that they are much smaller and easily overlooked. But yeah he does have them occasionally. For tiger cowrie all I heard is that they may damage softies and sponges. So far mine has not damaged any of the 5 types of sponges I am keeping but it might depend on individual. With sps and lps I have never heard of problems though
  7. Check with ah beng. I think he has tiger cowrie. If you do get let me know how it works out for you
  8. Yeah I know. When I first got my 4 abalones, one died within a week. The rest have been doing well in my tank for some months now though
  9. Haha no la, I just like the way they look! I already have several large cowries, abalones and sea hares that eat stuff off my liverock.
  10. Ah, I was always told that the one at the verge has the largest variety. Shall try punggol then
  11. Does anyone know which sheng siong or other supermart/seafood retailer has the most variety of live shellfish? I want to pick some up to keep.
  12. Anyone else interested in ariocarpus cactus? I like them alot! Considering going to visit bkk which has loads of them but unsure how to bring back.
  13. Hey bro, unfortunately as I may be moving out of SG in the 3rd quarter this year, I am unable to complete this project. However one thing to take note is to check if your condo does have an underground carpark directly below your unit. I would think overall weight of the tank is not as significant. Other bros have done similar sizes to what you are planning with no problems, even without staying in a ground floor unit, and I hope it works out this way for you!
  14. haha seeing deep sea fishes is a totally different experience. I will be heading to the great barrier reef sometime in the 3rd quarter this year in order to study the fishes there better.
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