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  1. They are the normal clownfish pair.
  2. Healthy clownfish pair for trades with zoa frags Female around 2 inch Deal at hougang
  3. Able to give for free if no one wants to trade.
  4. Have a pistol shrimp to trade with for zoas, monti or birdnest frags! Trade with frags of similar value. Thanks! Collection hougang.
  5. Both taken by a nice reefer! Thanks!
  6. Rocks and tank currently reserved. Thanks!
  7. One pail of rocks from decom. About 4 big piece. One 2ft tank. Good for hospital / quarantine tank. Not for fussy takers. 2 bottles of pepsi twist is appreciated haha Collection hougang avenue 6.
  8. Iam currently looking for coralline algae to seed my tank. Anyone have any on a small rock or frag plug willing to donate me?
  9. anyone has some chaeto to give away? Preferably those in the north-east region of singapore or those living near yishun and amk mrt.
  10. Anyone have a water drum/barrel for containing water or aging water to let go of ? Only those in hougang area. Iam near hougang mall
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