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  1. Both Lights Sold and Collected, thank you.
  2. WTS Hydra 52 HD Cheap - Warranty until Dec 2017 (Receipt will be provided) - Two units for sale (Both Black Color) - Selling $400 per unit - Take both units for $750 - Unit already dismounted and serviced - Will pass you the following items: - LED Light with Original Box - Power Supply - Collection at Flora Road
  3. Fish tank sold and collected yesterday by a nice bro......
  4. Buyer back-out after paying deposit....... Tank available for sale again....
  5. Since all are asking about sump tank, I have attached the pictures Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Decommissioning my 4x2x2 tank with Sump - due to work load and unable to spend time to maintain it. Tank comes with hood + Glass covers. Tank is 3 years old and i bought it new in 2015. Tank setup is bare bottom plus little bit sand. Bought all the equipment as new, some are still under warranty, i will provide the receipts. I would like to sell it as one package, the buyer needs to arrange for a mover and move the tank as its currently still running. All fishes are healthy and confirm no ich. Hydra 52 HD is not for sale.... (Some LED's are not working, still have warranty until Dec 2018, will fix them and then post it for separate sales) Selling for $500.... PM me if you are interested..... Selling cheap as i would like to clear it fast..... The following are the items that are included, no separate sales..... No. Item Remarks 1 4x2x2 Tank + Cabinet + Sump With Hood & Glass Covers 2 Maxspect Mazarra Lego Mount Set Only Black Light Stand - Fits 4 feet tank, Im using it for Hydra HD (Lights not included) 3 Tesino Pump - GP 233 8000L per hour 4 Maxspect Gyre 150 Warranty until 15 Jan 2018, Receipt provided 5 Hailea HS-90A Chiller 3 Months Old, Receipt provided 6 Bubble Magus C7 Skimmer 7 Flipper Magnet cleaner Flipper Magnet cleaner 8 Marinpure 8x8x4" Block 9 FR-45 (Media Reactor) With Pump and All in one NP Pellets 10 American Pin-Point Salinity Meter With power adapter 11 American Pin-Point Ph Meter With power adapter 12 Blue Tang - 2 With me for 6 months Plus 13 YellowTang - 1 2 Year Plus 14 Normal Clown - 1 2 Year Plus 15 Yellow Wrasse - 1 1 Year Plus 16 White Long fishes - 4 6 Months Plus 17 Nassarius 2 to 3 2 Years Plus 18 Strawberry Counch - 1 2 Years Plus 19 Turbos - 3 to 4 2 Years Plus 20 Fire Shrimp - 2 2 Years Plus 21 Boxer Shrimp 2 Years Plus 22 Camel Shrimp 2 to 3 2 Years Plus 23 Assorted Crabs 3 to 4 2 Years Plus 24 Serpant Star, Red Star fish 2 Years plus 25 Pulsing Xenia 3 to 4 Frags 1 Year Plus 26 Ultra Lumi GSP 3 to 4 Frags 1 Year Plus 27 Chaeto 28 Live Rocks with Coralline Algae 3 Years 28 Fish Foods 29 Red Reef Salt More than 50% of the bucket This is the photo of the new tank when i bought it (3 years back): The current tank photo: Hood is removed and kept in store room as I used this light stands. Other Photos:
  7. This event was last year (2016)........ Still you can join, if you have a Time Machine.
  8. Fish collected... Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Reserved for Nijam bro. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  10. WTS Healthy Blue Tang - Confirm no Itch, feeds on pellet and mysis, (i bought it from fellow reefer from the following thread...) Fish with me for 5 months, reason for selling is to give space for new fishes... Selling for $25 - fish is not yet caught as i don't want to stress it. Once confirm, will set the trap and arrange for collection @ Flora Road (507000)
  11. I have seen many PVC gate valves and other accessories at Main Land Fish Farm - Pasir Ris. You may take a look there. http://www.mainlandfishfarm.com/visitus.html
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