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  1. Hi bro.. appreciate your offer.. prefer simple plug and play basic light only.. can consider kessil h80 tuna flora too.. btw bro Flowy , thank u again..
  2. If anyone have one of these as spare or no longer use but still in good condition please let me know. I'm looking for zetlight e100 / tunze led eco chic refugium light, chaetomax / par 38 with holder fuge light. Please text me with the price and condition of the item.. Thank u in advance.
  3. I'm looking for 1) some red scarlet hermits maybe 3 or more. 2) tuxedo urchin 3) some nassarius snails Preferably can get all of them from a single reefer.. Please whatsapp me at +65 81005195 if any reefer have all of the above and price too... Thank u in advance guys.
  4. Rocks still available.. if anyone need...
  5. Hi bro Coralclam, if 1/10 horsepower will be 1200 litre per hour max. If I get 1/4 horsepower, that chiller flow requirement will match with my return pump.. I decided to go for 1/4 chiller in line with my return pump.. more advantages I believe... thanks u bro and thank u too to bro JD and bro Mezan for giving me all the advises that I need... and happy reefing to all fellow reefers in SRC.. cheers...
  6. Understood bro... but er, so now assuming I got my flow reduced for my chiller needs to about 1200 litre per hour, will the reduced flow ok for my tank cos recommended is 2000litre per hour? If its ok, will it be better to get a smaller return pump, and plumb in all in line.. sorry again cos ask too many questions...
  7. Thanks bro JD... I ever thought about that, but how will I know how much flow is going to the chiller? Sorry if this sounds very noob..hehe..
  8. Thank you bro for giving your thoughts.. actually planned for the 1/4 , but so tempted by the better price of the 1/10 some reefer here are selling... the chiller capacity is ok for me but my concern is the chiller pump which require less than 1200 litre per hour while my return will be 2000. My next enquiry to all will be is it ok to pump 2000litre per hour to the chiller which only require 1200litre. Will that make an issue regards to the chiller efficiency?
  9. Hi all, I'm looking for chiller for my reefer 170. But may I ask some opinion.. I prefer to plumb it in line with my return pump which is about 2000 l/h while the hailea 1/10 only requires less than 1200 l/h pump. If I take the 1/4 horse power hailea, will that be too overkill.? Thanks guys..
  10. Anyone keen, can whatsapp me at +65 81005195 Take all 3 ( 1 × tunnel, 2× arches) for $100. New rocks, retail for much higher.. just want to clear.. 20210110_144056.mp4
  11. Left with 2 × arches 1 × tunnel Take all 3 for $100.
  12. Btw collection is at 730523 woodlands. Thanks guys.
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