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  1. Anyone want can whatsapp me at +65 81005195. I bought online and realize it's a little too big for my liking.. Collection at 752102 Canberra Street.. First come first serve please..
  2. Can try check contact Specialized Aquatics bro.. not sure of the right size u want and if still available or not.
  3. Hi all... if anyone saw it at any LFS or might have 1 to sell, please pm me or WhatsApp at +65 81005195. Thanks in advance..
  4. Collection at Canberra 752102 or Woodlands 730523 depends on day and time..
  5. Left with eheim CompactOn 600 (6 months old) $30 only..
  6. I'm still looking.. need 3 of those.. Been asking at some LFS but no stock.
  7. Flame hawkfish sold .. appreciate to those whom showed interest..
  8. Still available... anyone keen?
  9. Ups for this flame Hawk... anyone?
  10. Morning all... anyone wants the Hawk?
  11. You keen can whatsapp me bro..
  12. 20210312_200351.mp4 Flame Hawk caught already and in the sump now and he is eating too..! Anyone? Priority given to whom can collect earliest..
  13. Anyone want this nice flame hawkfish? Please bring along own container or I can give the buyer an empty 6.6 kg salt tub to put the fish in..
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