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  1. BlueFace angel $180 Yellow Tang $90 Paired Maroons $30 $250 if take all Liverock for 2 to 3 feet tank. If keen, can contact the seller at this number 94752481. Please do not pm me cos I'm not the seller. Contact him at the above number. Thank you guys..
  2. Bsi glue taken.. Left the epoxy for $18 only... Retail at SAS for $28.
  3. Collection woodlands 730523. Total retail for the 2 is $37. Im selling for $25. Just to clear for housekeeping..
  4. Aquarium System Holdfast Epoxy 113g (New) & Bsi ic gel 20g (New) Both just bought few weeks ago as spare from SPECIALIZED AQUATICS SOLUTIONS. Total $25 only. If keen, can whatsapp me at +6581005195
  5. Btw, collection is at woodlands 730523
  6. If anybody keen, can text me at +6581005195. Reason for selling, not using it anymore.. just sitting inside my tank but power off. Selling for $35 only..
  7. Hi guys, for any enquiry regards to the anemone, please text the seller.. number is above.. I am just posting on behalf of him..
  8. Green haddoni... for $ 220.. can whatsapp him at +65 94752481..
  9. Agreed with Otaku Reefer. This a mean looking fish but with beautiful defined pattern.. ups for u bro..
  10. Hi bro... sorry rocks sold... thanks for interest...
  11. Rocks sold.. pending collection tomorrow... 20201008_210644.heic
  12. Anyone interested.. can whatsapp me at +6581005195. More than 5 kg... take all at $50 only... the arc and the bigger piece touch water less than 30 min only... 20201008_210644.heic
  13. Agreed... i new to sps and got my first sps the bali slimer from SubZero LT.. very nice piece and doing well.
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