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  1. Can whatsapp me for pic later when I reach home around 7+..
  2. Can collect earlier tonight after 8...
  3. Selling this nice n healthy piece for $30 only.. total 6 heads.. No picture cos I'm not at home now.. collection time will be tonight midnight till 2am or tomorrow before 2030 +65 81005195 Collection 752102
  4. Selling for $30 only. No box or warranty.. +65 81005195 Collection 752102
  5. Selling for $60 only.. no more box or warranty.. working perfectly.. been keeping it in my cupboard so decide to sell away.. can whatsapp me at +65 81005195 Collection 752102.
  6. No reservation please... priority to be given to whom can collect earliest..
  7. Just got this fish, but after touch down immediately pushed around by my other fishes. Now it is in my sump waiting for a new home. Want to let ASAP so decided to give away for free. Anyone keen can whatsapp me at +65 81005195. Collection at 102B CANBERRA STREET.
  8. Anyone want can whatsapp me at +65 81005195. I bought online and realize it's a little too big for my liking.. Collection at 752102 Canberra Street.. First come first serve please..
  9. Can try check contact Specialized Aquatics bro.. not sure of the right size u want and if still available or not.
  10. Hi all... if anyone saw it at any LFS or might have 1 to sell, please pm me or WhatsApp at +65 81005195. Thanks in advance..
  11. Collection at Canberra 752102 or Woodlands 730523 depends on day and time..
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