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  1. Rocks and corals sold to a gentleman.
  2. 1) Live Rock with golden golden clove encrusting for $ 30 ONLY. ( buyer please please make sure that your tank is ready to support the golden cloves. I don't intend to kill it. Im selling cheap but these corals are still living thing) 2) Trachy, Yellow hammer, Plate, for $ 50 only. Collection 102B Canberra Street. Can whatspp me +65 81005195 with the TIME able to collect. Priority to be given to whom can collect earliest. See you guys.
  3. Anyone keen can pm me...
  4. Hi all.. rockscape back on sale if anyone wants. But sorry guys no more $30.. I believe the price is already very low but still somebody wanna lowball me.. so price back up to $100 with colony of golden clove encrusted on it.. for serious buyer only.. otherwise I just keep it for good.. sorry all.
  5. Hi... collection at Canberra Street 752102
  6. Can whatsapp me at +65 81005195 for video. Very easy corals.
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