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    Aquarist Chamber – aims to let all hobbyist create a perfect and stable environment for our delicate shrimps, aquatic faunas, as well as aquatic flora..

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  1. Aquarist Chamber has a new shipment available from Tues, 3pm onwards. SPS + LPS + Fish
  2. Aquarist Chamber's shipment is now ready for sale. Photos updated in our sponsor thread. We thank you in advance for the support.
  3. nwyk: Perhaps one day we can qualify as one of your marine hangout place
  4. Aquarist Chamber's quality Red Sea shipment has landed. Stocklist will be updated later tonight. Also, stay tuned for another spectacular coral shipment this Friday night, from yours AC Edwin @ WhereElseButAC
  5. Aquarist chamber has both blasto & Duncans. Quality aussie stuff though, so their prices are pegged there.
  6. Aquarist Chamber Shipment just landed. SPS/LPS/fish. Details will be uploaded in our subforum when we are done unpacking. Sales expected to start at 7:30pm tonight.
  7. Aquarist Chamber still have some Tailspot blennies in the aussie LPS tank.
  8. Aquarist Chamber's Red Sea shipment is in. Some nice and uncommon blennys available. For fish list, please refer to our Sponsor subforum.
  9. Aquarist Australia shipment is in! Acan Acro Blasto Cyanria Duncan Euphyllia Lobo Platygyra Scolymia australis Symphyllia Trachyphyllia Zooanthids Edit: Oops, forum owner has faster fingers!
  10. Aquarist Chamber have several Red Sea specimens in stock. Check with Steven after 3pm, since they are housed in the quarantine area, we do not have enough space to display every species in stock in front. Thanks Edwin @ AC
  11. We have several Sea hares in stock. Scattered all over the tanks, so they are easy to miss. Yes they are sellable, that is why they are there!
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