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  1. Brand new 1hp non inverter compressor for sale. Coil and temperature controller not included. Selling for $550 only. No warranty. Whatapp 98073880. Collection yishun
  2. $50/pp $50/frag $40/frag $20/frag $30/frag $30/frag $0/frag (if you come now!) $0/frag (if you come now!) $0/frag (if you come now!) $30/frag $0/frag (if you come now!) $90/frag $30/frag $150/frag $150/frag $150/frag whatapp 9125 4723 location sembawang area
  3. Mussa

    Any RBTA for sale? Contact me at 94788599.

  4. Pink Zipper, Supernova, Everlasting gobstopper, Sunny D for national day sale!!!! Per frag selling $30/3-5polpy (Everlasting gobstopper, Sunny D) Per frag selling $15-20/3-5polpy (Pink Zipper, Supernova) Those frag with more polyps maybe extra $10-15/frags No reservation,while stock last!, Lelong sale start on 29/07/2017 1pm to 4pm only! Location at s(757695) Whatapp 91254723 if you are coming.
  5. Up!!! Anyone want rbta??
  6. Anyone have any for sale? sms/whatapp 91254723
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