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  1. Candy Crush $80/polyp Nuclear Green $25/polyp Laser Lemon $25/polyp Supernova $25/polyp Red Death $38/polyp Purple Death $20/frag of 3 polyp Unknown ID $20/polyp SMS 91254723, collection sembawang area.
  2. 2 frag of nuclear green (4poly/frag) $110/frag 1 frag of nuclear green (3poly/frag) $90/frag 2 frag of pink zipper (1polyp each) $40/frag 2 frag of true king midas (3polyp each) $40/frag 1 frag of laser lemon (2polyp/frag) $50/frag 1 frag of laser lemon (4polyp/frag) $100/frag 1 frag of WWC Twizler (1polyp/frag) $50/frag 1 frag of supernova (1polyp/frag) $25//frag Red death $8/polyp purple death $10/polyp sms me at 91254723 collection at sembawang area.
  3. Blk 17, Dairy Farm Crescent, #B1-03, Dairy Farm Estate, S(679043)
  4. Dear Reefers: Reefing Reality maiden shipment this Friday 11/11 ETA 5pm! More than 400 pcs of SPS and LPS from Oz!
  5. More to sell again. $20-$25 each.
  6. more to sell. Anyone want to try?
  7. Plug and play only. Great for reefer who want to try SPS.
  8. As above.11mth old. Still under warranty. Ready to collect anytime starting from tml, just give me 10mins to decomm as still running for my 5ft tank. Collection sembawang. Sms 91254723 brand new setup cost $790. Looking to sell at $450 neg Spec as follow. http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=2037 http://deaquatic.com/product/mc122-ph-controller/ ANS SOLENOID and media included.
  9. Anyone want to collect tml?
  10. More to sell. Baby$30-35, 4-5cm $40-45
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