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  1. Hay Hay!!!! mine ok!!!! no sabo leh.
  2. Serious? Foc stuff must grab leh.
  3. HAHA!!! Seems like u are one of the victim also!!! lol
  4. Need to tahan!!! the poison here is strong!!! Esp in the pasar malam area!!! Strongest there!!!! Out of a sudden might die from poisoning!!!!
  5. Thanks!!!! no budget mah. If get from tankmaker, i est at least 2k. No choice but to DIY. If only i diy everything. haha. Then all shop have to close liao.
  6. DA** it!!! kanna curse so fast!!!! Need to tahan!!!!!
  7. lol. Hopefully i can withstand the poison. Anyway this is the biggest size i can go to. No more space for upgrade. Heng ar....
  8. dun know how deep the poison also, never try never know,
  9. First and only. hopefully is the last also.
  10. 12mm crystal all side and bottom. haha
  11. haha. only way is to stop then no more heart ache.
  12. baby step also tear hole leh. any small equipment also ex. lol
  13. Already got big hole!!!! trying to sew the hole to prevent from tearing open. Even go to the extend of building tank myself. haha
  14. thinking of getting somemore rocks to fill up the left side of the tank. Waiting patiently at pasar malam.
  15. Kind of empty. Still in cycling stage. Change from a mini tank to this within 4mths. This hobby poison very deep. haha
  16. My new setup!!!! 1)3ftx1ftx1ft(Main Tank) 2)3ftx1ftx1ft(Sump Tank) 3)Wavemaker = 1No WP25 4)Light = AI SOL BLUE 5)Skimmer = Skimz 161 6)Cheapo reactor with biopellet 7) Chiller = mounted on wall, share with me 8)Return pump = Jebao DC6000 9) Refugium = nothing inside yet. Any comments?
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