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  1. Could use stainless steel to fabricate a stand. Still reading up on which type of overflow system to use.
  2. For weight wise, should not be an issue. Going to custom make a cabinet, inside the cabinet will be installing addition steel support. Dun think weight will be an issue. My main issue, is this type of setup feasible?
  3. Looks like a easy setup. Haha. Got another crazy idea. As I do not have the option to increase my tank size, I was thinking if I could add 2 sump below my tank, each on top of the other. Water will basically follow down from main tank, into refegium or filter tank. Then return pump from most bottom tank back to main tank. Size of my main tank is 1.5ft, planning to add 2 more 1.5ft tank just below my tank. Anyone seen such setup?
  4. Beside red bamboo algae, what is the next recommend micro algae? Is grape algae ok?
  5. This is getting confusing. Can simple diagram to show? so deep...
  6. Haha. That means I buy food for tang ar? Where got Sell? Any other alternative?
  7. Haha. Sounds scary. Any better idea? Haha
  8. How abt putting the overflow in the dt instead of inside the Ios? In this way, water level will be constant. Possible?
  9. Will tangs eat? Where to get? Fast glowing? How much?
  10. Thought can use overflow box? Will it solve the problem?
  11. Hi guys! U think it's possible and feasible to install a sump for an Ios tank? Points to note, dun wish to drill hole on my tank. Hope to install a side sump rather than below. Dt size is only 1.5 ft, so size of side sump will be like max 1ft. Wondering if it's a good idea. Haha. Please comments.
  12. Hi guys, looking to keep some microalgae in my dt. Any recommendations? Tank is 1.5ft With Ios without any sump.
  13. Tunze 9004, I using it. Can fit Ios tank.
  14. Thanks!!! Glad u help me in my start up. Haha. Your zoas still around. Haha
  15. Hope can maintain. Looking to add fishes soon. No luck with fishes, all die on me. Dun know y also.
  16. If Nv quarantine how? No such space for additional tank.
  17. Hi all, Wan to sell the above items. Still in very good condition. Used for abt 5mths. Selling at $80. Freshnmarine selling at $140. Note that this light is 18W and suitable up to 1.5ft. Many features.
  18. is it really necessary to get RO?
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