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  1. Did you just accuse me of being a fake kind Samaritan? Before you jump to assumptions, the truth is I was helping my friends pick up shoots for their tanks. I already have enough. I was just using the opportunity to educate new reefers. Now they have an option to harvest their own or buy from other reefers. And I have no idea how this got linked to people profiteering from zoas. Its not like you can pick free zoas off the beach.
  2. Self collect along east coast park
  3. Just refund the poor guy his money. Why do you need to make things so ugly? Is this what reefing has turned into? Be kind to your fellow reefers. It looks like its just a case of very bad communication from both parties.
  4. Looking good bro... all the best for your reboot
  5. running through a bit of a cyano phase... sucking out what i can while i do water changes
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