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  1. Want to sell the following: The corals are stable and have been with me for about 1year... 1) Jawbreaker mushroom x 1 Size about 20 cent singapore coin $ 350 2) Sunkist Bounce Mushroom x 2 on 1 frag Size about 20 cent singapore coin each $ 250 Special Offer For today only Take both $400!!! *Reason for selling: wanna fund new hobby Pm for more details
  2. I've got a BamBam zoa frag up for sale. 5poly going for $25 F.O.C green/purple favia frag PM OR WHATSAPP @ 93869472 Deal at yishun S(770446)
  3. I've got a head of Super Sun Coral for sale... Its healthy and stable in my tank Selling for $25 Pm Or Whatsapp @ 93859472 Happy reefing.
  4. This is a great skimmer for small fish tank set up for up 60 liters... I previously use it for my 2ft x 1ft x 1ft mixed reef tank tank setup and it works great!!! External Condition is 7.5/10 Internal still works great... If u are looking for a budget skimmer get this skimmer....really worth the money!!! Selling for $60 Whatsapp or call 93869472 to deal Collection is at Yishun s(760446)
  5. Hi... I have a colony of Suncorals opening under lights...have abt 10 heads Going for $30 Call or WA me @ 93869472 Collection at yishun S760446
  6. Got to make space for other corals hence. The following Open Brain is up for sale. Grab the chance to own this beauty. $60 Item description: - Size is 10cm-11cm when fully extended.- Tricolor- turquoise spots, purple body and orange rim - Easy to care for, reefroids and amino acids dose to water every wed and sundayFor open brain care click the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aFHxCh2PIThis sale comes with a mystery gift.Collection will be at my place in Yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 PM to deal Happy reefing.
  7. Attention Reefers Especially New To SPS keeping. I remember the time when I first bought my first SPS. I was excited upon collecting. It was a Radioactive BirdNest and it died 2days later. I was a Noob then and i didnt know what i was doing. Sad lor...but I didnt give up. I kept on trying and learning until I found a way to keep a mix reef tank with a simple setup in a small tank. The Following SPSes found at the end of this post is up for sale and they are great for reefers who wants to try to add SPS to their tank, without burning a hole in the pocket. I have a relatively simple tank set up which these SPSes have been conditioned and adapted to. So they are really hardy and the chances of survival is higher...especially if your tank setup is better than mine . These SPSses dont just survive, they thrive. The following are some information about my tank specs and maintenance. Tank Specs: - 2 x 1 x 1 tank (IOS) - Aquazonic 4 tube lighting - 4 x ATI bulbs 28w - Marine pure media - Chiller resun CL650 - Hand on filter (SORB 4 media inside) Water Parameters: Salinity : Fluctuate between 1.024 – 1.026 PH : Fluctuate between 8.1 - 8.3 Nitrate : Fluctuate between 0 ppm - 0.5 ppm Phosphate : Fluctuate between 0 ppm - 0.25 ppm Cal : Fluctuate between 410ppm – 460ppm Mg : Fluctuate between 1250-1350ppm KH : Fluctuate between 2.5 meq/l. Temp : Fluctuate between 27.5deg – 29deg Tank inhibitant: Fishes 1 x Yellow Tang 1 x Yellow Wrasse Tank Ritual/ Upkeep. 2 x bulb on between 10am-4pm 4 x bulbs on between 4pm-8pm 2 x bulbs on between 8pm-10pm Reef roids and amino acid dose every Wed and Sun Weekly Sponge Change Bi weekly water change as I got No Skimmer in my setup Red Sea ABC+ reef builder dose to maintain calcium level between 410ppm – 460ppm Here they are 1) $25 2) $20 3) 20 4) $40 Final note. Some Premium SPS like the SSC are harder to keep and some SPS like Digi are easier to keep. Not all SPS needs a complicated setup to survive and thrive. Think that SPS couldn't survive in your tank....? well think again. Once you have build up the confidence to keep SPS...you can then consider to keep Premium and higher end SPS. So Good News Is That The Fun Never ENDS. : ) These SPSes are hardy and has been through a lot with me. Buy with confidence instead of chances. If your tank and has the conditions and parameters that I've mentioned above, Chances are they will survive. Collection will be at my Place in Yishun. Delivery Service is available to any parts you SG for $10 Please feel free to PM me if you have any question regarding their care. Happy Reefing.
  8. The following Open Brain is up for sale. $45Item description: -Easy to care for -Size is 9cm-11cm when fully open. -Purple and radioactive greenFor open brain care click the link below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-aFHxCh2PI[/FONT]Free Gift - Red Monti Collection at yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 Pm for more details. Happy Reefing
  9. The following Red Digi is up for sale. $18Item description: - Multi Branch- Size is 5cm height - Easy to care for - Stable (base encrusted to coral chip) -Size is 5cm height - RedCollection at yishun. Delivery is available to any parts of sg for $10 Whatsapp/msg/call 93869472 Happy Reefing
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