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  1. Hi all, I still have some left over after the initial decomm sales. Would like to clear the following 1) One piece huge Rocks that can fit into a 3 ft tank. this is fresh rocks that I kept without copper Rock size is 18 x 16 x 8 inches. as shown in picture Selling at $20. 2) I still have another big piece and many other beautiful shape rocks but ever run copper before. easily can fill up 3 big pail goinng for $50. 3) One Skimmer, One isolated BOX, one auto top up cylinder and many more. Plse text me or offer me a price at 96516230 if you are interested on any of the above .... thanks Self collect :Jalan Teck Whye
  2. Infact RBTA are very hardy and you don't need to spend much time over it. I just leave the lights on and at night with night light will do. They will continue to grow and grow.till you need to harvest.
  3. Hi, I decided to let go my whole tank of RBTA which include everything inclusive lights etc.. RBTA populating and I have no time to harvest them. (harvested few time already) Letting go everything which is still running per picture attached. Balance Salts, and many item All at $150 IOS Tank is 2ft length, 1.5ft height and width 1ft text me at 96516230...
  4. Hi all, Thanks for the interest, both item sold. Moderator, plse help to close the thread...Thanks
  5. Happy New Year to all, clearing some spare stuff which keep as spare. 1) Bio Pellet reactor at $50 2) Mini Chiller at $50 msg me at 96516230. collection Chua Chu Kang Area or MRT station.
  6. Very nice seller with alot of freebies....thanks
  7. Hi bro, Interested to keep the Liverock, what is the condition to sustain them? I just msg you...thanks
  8. Your PM box is full. Plse pm me if availlabe
  9. I have one to let go at $20 if you are interested, can what app me at 96516230. Don't know the size but can extend to a feet long.
  10. No -lah, because of it size verse the rest, he is always chasing everyone away when come to feeding and he ate alot. than one fine day, he develop some sickness refusing food and slowly perished. Anyway Sad. From there I also learn a mistake that probably my tank not suitable for his size as well. that is why I am trying to find a smaller replacement....thks regards Tony
  11. Gone....now left with Juveniel. Not easy to keep the large emperor as he eats alot.
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