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  1. That's unusual...observe closely the rest and also the clown fish whether still eating. If no choice, have to isolate and Quarantine immediately.
  2. My experience with Blue Tang is yes when newly intro to tank, they tends to shy and hide among rocks for couple days, there after, they will be hyper swiming all over the tank. And go back into hiding when lights off. As above mentioned, if you can get it out into a separation box and entice to feed. that will be ideal. Try all option if BT still hiding. It should not be hiding for so long unless been harress by other fish.
  3. Very Generous reefer....Kudos to you
  4. Good set up ....No chiller??? Waiting to see your upload....
  5. Thanks You for the advise. Got the idea from LFS, saw them feeding Lettuce and I did the same, Fishes like it so much and very economical. Cost me less than a dollar for a week. Seaweed, very expensive More than a red note. But if for the fish health, than no choice. feeding Lettuce, Only problem is the dropping is messy in the tank, still monitoring.
  6. Hi Snr, Need some advise on feeding Lettuce I have been feeding my Tangs and Angel with market Lettuce everyday and notice they shit alot and quite dirty Will the shit polute my tank. Currently Nitrates abt 20ppm What about feeding Seaweeds? Will it have the same issue? Notice quite messy feeding lettuce, any other better option?
  7. Does your other fish have the same problem or only this fella?
  8. You will not noticed how many crabs you have unless you camp outside your tank to investigate. My experience is big hairy crab does exist and they are really nuisance. collapsing my scaping, take away my Blue Tang etc... Anyway, hope yours is just hibernating....Good luck
  9. Hi Cccz, you stay East or West? Was just thinking if nearby, we can offer help if you need. I stay around Chua Chu Kang. No obligation.
  10. Sorry just curious.....I wonder why they crawl out of your live rocks. The only time I try to remove them is fresh water dip and they crawl out. Else they should be hiding in your rocks.
  11. Oops forgot to mentioned, unless you are driving, else quite far distance if you walk in.
  12. AH Beng shop is call Pacific Reef Located at L35 Block D Pasir Ris Farmway 2 Singapore 510000 Tel 65820235
  13. Yes Copper sure does the job...I have just done it on my DT to save the fishes, all recovering well.
  14. How heavily stocked is your tank, As flo mentioned, you need to transfer all the Live stock into another bucket before your move your empty tank to new location, than re-load the tank immediately. Is really case to case to give proper advise. Where is your location. where you want to move to etc...May be get a few friends to help if possible. 2 feet cube still manageable.
  15. Or alternatively, Is there any crabs in your tank. They can be the cause of your missing fish.
  16. Wrasse use to hide or sleep under sand gravel and will disappear for a while, seems like they are hibernating. Will appear when they hungry. Hope that is the case.....Good luck
  17. Nice Garden....how long to gather that collection of Zoas.
  18. How is your tank coming along...I have a similar tank as you. Still thinking what to put up. Now only 2 small clown fish , 1 Yuma and 2 Plate coral. Running for more than 1 month. Feel like adding some Zoas.
  19. Nice....can't wait till you populate the tank. Is that your signature on the photos?
  20. I have since replace 50% of LR with some Dead Rocks, Condition much better. Thanks Sharma for the advise.
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