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  1. use fish trap since the emperor is outside feeding, place the food slowly near to the trap and all the best of luck to you. I hang his favorite seaweed in the fishtrap and he goes in and out. So I have no problem
  2. Just took over a Jumbo Emperor from one of the reefer, he actually uses copper to QT his fishes and so far so good. Hope this Emperor can stay with me forever.
  3. Just ensure you do not overdose and everything should be fine. Hope to hear your update and all the best.
  4. Agree that copper sensitive to certain species, I have no luck , Twice, I lost 2 Emperor while dosing Copper. One thing I have to make clear is I bought the Emperor AFTER I adminster Copper, I am trying to QT the Emperor, but both did not make it after 2 days. Many other factors could be the cause probably Stress on the fish as well.
  5. Emperor also sensitive to high copper content. I lost my Emperor. the rest Flame, Majestic Blue Face all survive.
  6. Hi Sharma, You are right, copper kill all the invertebrate in the rock. I can see crabs and some worms dead on the bottom sandbed. Monitoring closely now...thks
  7. Thks for the advise on lowering Nitrates and just follow your thread to discover your new setup. Nice....
  8. drop by Ah Beng & Irwana yesterday, no more flame angel. New stocks arriving this coming Wednesday
  9. Oops ... should be the other way round. I will check and confirm again tonight.
  10. Hi James, Thanks for the advise, will definitely check this out. Hope to get some other inputs on my other concern from Reef Gurus.....thks Meanwhile, i am searching the internet for more info on above as well.
  11. Hi Snr, Need some advise on PH in FOWLR. Have never done anything since day one on the PH level (six month ago) My current tank is 3x2x2 with sump I am dosing sugar to lower my nitrate (1 month ago ) I am adding copper to remove ich (2 weeks ago) However, I need some advise on PH My current PH reading on a normal day is 8.4 to 8.8 At night is usually higher 8.7 to 8.9 This reading have been all the while not much fluctuation ( more than 6 month) I suspect the calibration might be out. I tested on fresh water and it read 7.3 Question 1 : Is above reading Normal or ??? Question 2 : What is ideal PH level for FOWLR? Question 3 : Do I need to lower my current PH 8.8, and if yes, HOW? Question 4 : How do calibrate a PH Meter? Question 5 : Why my PH is not fluctuating. (note: I use coral chip as biomedia ) Thanks You in advance Appreciate advise or info that can help me on above concern.....thks
  12. Not sure....need some Guru advise.
  13. watch out for crabs, I ever bought one palm size and put at one corner of my 3 ft tank. next day, it move to the other extreme corner of my tank. take it up to realise a big hairy crap is the culprit moving the whole rocks together with the Zoas.
  14. Very challenging fish to keep But, Your patience pay off...Cheers
  15. I am going to try 2 YT and 1 PT together and hope no aggression among them. Anyone one keep 2 or 3 PT and 1 YT.?
  16. I used to target feed 1 small chunk of prawn meat once a week and they love it.
  17. Hi Sharma, What are the potential risk as I already done it. Appreciate your advise so that I can remedy or prepare for the worst. Infact I am thinking to add new fishes soon. Fifth days on copper, Purple tang seems to recover and started taking food. Do you mean the copper kill the LR and up my nitrate? since dead rock decompose internally.? Than I better check this out before replenishing my stocks.....thks regards Tony
  18. Enclosed top might raise temp if without proper ventilation. Our hot season soon. I face the same challenges before. Come April onwards my tank temp keep going till 31, try all ways to bring down (fan , ice etc...)
  19. The day will come with your patience. Plenty of shrimplets and a Happy foster parent. Good luck......
  20. Yah....my last experience was they go after the weaker one. I took out the aggressor and jail him for a week and released back, the aggressor became the victim. Meaning the Purple tang go after the Yellow Tang. I jailed PT. than release 1 week later, outcome the YT go after the PT. Than I jailed the YT and release 1 week later, The PT go after the YT and this time kill the YT. My understanding from LFS is you need to put them in together to avoid aggression.....thks
  21. Thanks, but I added copper without removing the LR, as I can't bare to see one after another fish dying. 3rd day and seems like the ich is dropping off from my fishes. Purple Tang is obvious cover all over and now spotless. Hope the copper is effective. Will monitor for another few days before adding new fishes.
  22. I just bought 3 YT size 1.5inch at 2 red 1 Green each from Ah Beng. May be Economy of scale matters. regards
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