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  1. BTW, anyone share experience on getting Purple Queen to feed. They are very shy and usually go into hiding once release into tank. Worst they do not feed and eventually perished. I tried a few attempt without success.
  2. Sorry, I have no advise on Butterfly, but I am keen on Angels. If you are releasing, do consider...thks
  3. Oops...1 more question is can we administer copper into tank with Live rock, Will copper kill the invert inside the LR and if yes, will it foul the water in the DT? So sorry...Sometime the more I read, abit confused. because we read part of another thread and cannot correlate them together with others, but the facts are definitely there. Only I am confused. Thanks....
  4. Have resign to fate, Seems like my DT have to go into FOWLR. Reason, tried 3 batches of fishes, all started well for the first 2 weeks, but the ick started surfacing upon 3rd week and getting worst with every other fishes day after day. I intend to switch over FOWLR, than buy another batch of fishes to start all over again. Need some advise as to how to adminster Copper into DT, From the page 1 thread, It says to build up copper to 0.3 - 0.5 level than add fishes. So what is the killing level of ick meaning copper at which level is most effective on ick? Which brand of Copper is best recommended ( of course indiividual preference and luck I guess) Maybe just advise your success and process of adminstering. I am desperate as I have many attempt and still losing the battle to ick. (at the edge of giving up) Some kind of advise needed. And Sincerely appreciated. Can even call me at 96516230 if you need details of my current situation. regards Tony
  5. Hi Ashwin, Mind sharing your advise on Vinegar dosing. Eg 100Gallon tank with 30ppm Nitrate. what portion of vinegar is recommended ? Probably small amount as to 1 tea spoon or ??? Next, most importantly, what kind of vinegar, Any specific brand or ???. regards Tony
  6. I hope ours in Singapore are well secured.
  7. Hi Jamie, Thanks for the advise, as you know it quite difficult to catch all the fish out and place in a QT, I suppose that is ideal but my challenge is I am not able to catch all fishes. Anyway, past few days, the ich outbreak and killing 1 yellow Tang and Blue Lip Angel, the rest are all affected now. Will do anything to save as much as possible. regard Tony
  8. Thank You so much for the advise, I was so desperate that I added sugar and indeed Nitrate started dropping. Hope to stay on. BTW, can I switch to vinegar if I started Sugar. Any other effect. And how to dose vinegar 1) Directly drip into tank or ?? 2) Amount to addon 100 gallon FOWLR 3) Once achieved zero Nitrate, do we continue daily or we stop dosing
  9. Saw a fellow reefer using this method and now come across this thread. Started working on this now. thks for sharing Good idea.
  10. Some people are very goood in innovation and such info helps our marine community in particular, people like me fighting high NItrate and Phosphate. Can I ask can the algae be use as food for all my tangs and Angel. reason I put lettuce into my main tank every day. So I was thinking this can also save money on lettuce.
  11. Just bought a 2" Purple Tang at Jireh. Eating pellet (8 red note) I think kana carrot already
  12. Very clear and precise information. I also pick up some info within...thks
  13. What is the recommended Wattage for such setup. Can a 3W bridge the gaps
  14. Good.... things are recovering well. Continue to nurse them back to original. Good effort.
  15. 2 Red 1 Green so far the cheapest, but size matters as well. I recently bought 1 purple for 8 Red from Jireh. I think over paid. regards Tony
  16. Do they pair well in a community tank ( with alot of other bigger fishes ) I have 2 common and 1 golden maroon but kept together with big Angel and Tangs. I wonder Do they still pair, they does swim together. How to tell their Age? Mine about 1 inch and the other 1.5 inch.
  17. I am looking around for one from reefer only. Any chance just pm me plse...thks
  18. I feed them market lettuce, my Emperor, Majestic Yellow and Purple Tang will graze them on it. But their shit is terrible. May have to try above options.
  19. Just to share...I recently put 3 YT and 1 PT into my tank and they seems to swim/play together. Must intro them at the same time, else they fight till death.
  20. Hi Guys, Does adding sugar the same method as adding vinegar or Vodka? I have seriously Nitrate problem and planning to add sugar. I tried Bio-pellet and maybe I do it wrongly. The tumbling is either too slow or too fast. Ask LFS and have different answer. Nitrate did not go down after 2 weeks on Bio-pellet. Appreciate your valuable advise...thks
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