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  1. The water level in your overflow box should not be fluctuating much. Have you tried tuning your herbie? If I may suggest, close your gate valve and then slowly open it to tune your siphon line such that (1) the siphon line always remains in operation as a full siphon; and (2) your emergency line has a slight trickle only. This should stabilise the water in your overflow box.
  2. As I understand, tiger sand conch and strawberry conch are the same. Coral Fanatics sells them, although they are located in the east.
  3. Looking for a frag of the yellow-eyed red piece on the left. Kindly PM if you have one available for sale/ trade. Thanks! Also looking for red gonioporas previously sold by: Pic:
  4. Posted (: http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/139098-cws/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-1375718 http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/166840-reef-pi/ http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/167042-sending-water-straight-from-reactors-uv-filter-into-dt/
  5. pcw


    Another bleached prata that is recovering:
  6. I added a UV filter to my tank but had to allow that water to recirculate back into my sump because I didn't have a secure way to send that output directly into the DT. Recently, bought an attachment that has some rails for cheap online: However, the barb attachment was too small so I had to make some modifications. The above can easily be dismantled and the plastic is soft enough to permit sanding. After sanding (the hole): Could fit a 20mm diameter pipe after. You'll have to know how wide you want to stretch the attachment before cutting the pipes but this i
  7. pcw

    Reef Pi

    First batch of items finally arrived. Unfortunately, it appears that the seller left out the switch and fuse cover for the AC-01 plug. Still patiently waiting for the other items to arrive.
  8. pcw


    Got this prata while it was almost completely bleached some time ago. Some colour (brown nonetheless) seems to be coming back.
  9. pcw


    One of my favourite goniopora frags (: hoping to find more after the circuit breaker period
  10. pcw


    Thanks! Haha glad that it is doing well with you (:
  11. pcw

    Reef Pi

    I've been wanting to start a reef related project that I'll be able to learn things about in another area. So what I picked, is to start on the reef pi project (you can Google more about this too). I'm completely new to programming and know next to nothing about electronics and circuitry beyond the basic stuff taught in schools. Hopefully, I can get some guidance from members here too. What this project is about, is to create an aquarium controller (with whatever bells and whistles you want) using the Raspberry Pi. I've chosen the Raspberry Pi Zero W to start off with since that is relati
  12. pcw


    Thanks! Still hoping to collect more HAHA Wa no la. Just a small collection of some corals only Hopefully fast! Haha and hope they don't die on me... Thanks! I got them from various shops and reefers. Haha just gotta slowly look out for stuff that catch your eye Separately, close-up of a rare coral :p Has a slight green tint to the polyps but that is lost in the photography ): Anastromvos leather: "Baby" Anastromvos leathers. The way these corals reproduce asexually is very interesting. They form little polyp-less buds that eventually roll of
  13. pcw


    Hoping that these grow up well (not the bubble algae):
  14. pcw


    Been a long time since I've updated. Could finally get a new tank built back in September 2019. Sharing some pictures here for now. Nothing much is happening, just waiting for some corals to grow and for the tank to be more stable in time to come. Hopefully, the tank will be able to keep Acropora as the circuit breaker ends... Tank 3' x 2.5' x 20", 3-sided crystal glass Equipment Ecotech Vectra M2 Ecotech Radion G4 (x 2) ATI sunpower dimmable, 8 x 39W Deltec 1500i Jebao wavemakers (SLW-30 and SOW 20 if I'm not mistaken) Rocks and bio media
  15. Looking to trade this green leather with whitish polyps. It is quite big and taking up too much space.
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