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  1. Sorry that I've not been able to reply to all the messages. Coral has been sold.
  2. Selling an alveopora for $40. Quite a big piece that has grown in my tank.
  3. pcw


    Then there's the trade off with having more detritus accumulate :/
  4. pcw


    In respect of colonial-type NPS corals, I agree and highly doubt that each individual polyp is able to capture big pieces of food in the wild. It is probably possible to keep without dedicated feeding in a tank with a robust plankton population. Though I am not sure how that can be done with various mechanical filtration systems that are now mainstays in the hobby.
  5. pcw


    Took the opportunity to inspect the NPS corals I've placed a dedicated compartment in my sump. The water that overflows from my DT into the sump is entirely channeled through this rather narrow compartment before hitting the mechanical, biological and chemical filtration systems. This was done in the hope of (1) giving these corals the chance to catch food particles that flow into the sump; and (2) keeping them in a shaded location away from light (coralline seems to hurt them and balanophyllia is a coral which remains sensitive to light even after years in captivity). Most of them
  6. Selling a fat purple tang for $150. Been too aggressive to my newly added yellow tang. About 3.5 - 4 inches.
  7. The water level in your overflow box should not be fluctuating much. Have you tried tuning your herbie? If I may suggest, close your gate valve and then slowly open it to tune your siphon line such that (1) the siphon line always remains in operation as a full siphon; and (2) your emergency line has a slight trickle only. This should stabilise the water in your overflow box.
  8. As I understand, tiger sand conch and strawberry conch are the same. Coral Fanatics sells them, although they are located in the east.
  9. Looking for a frag of the yellow-eyed red piece on the left. Kindly PM if you have one available for sale/ trade. Thanks! Also looking for red gonioporas previously sold by: Pic:
  10. Posted (: http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/139098-cws/?page=7&tab=comments#comment-1375718 http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/166840-reef-pi/ http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/topic/167042-sending-water-straight-from-reactors-uv-filter-into-dt/
  11. pcw


    Another bleached prata that is recovering:
  12. I added a UV filter to my tank but had to allow that water to recirculate back into my sump because I didn't have a secure way to send that output directly into the DT. Recently, bought an attachment that has some rails for cheap online: However, the barb attachment was too small so I had to make some modifications. The above can easily be dismantled and the plastic is soft enough to permit sanding. After sanding (the hole): Could fit a 20mm diameter pipe after. You'll have to know how wide you want to stretch the attachment before cutting the pipes but this i
  13. pcw

    Reef Pi

    First batch of items finally arrived. Unfortunately, it appears that the seller left out the switch and fuse cover for the AC-01 plug. Still patiently waiting for the other items to arrive.
  14. pcw


    Got this prata while it was almost completely bleached some time ago. Some colour (brown nonetheless) seems to be coming back.
  15. pcw


    One of my favourite goniopora frags (: hoping to find more after the circuit breaker period
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