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  1. SPS requires good strong flow.....seahorse i think will have problem with that....
  2. Also try to maintain PO4 and NO3 to undectable level. Use high quality test kits. one of the common problem is the use of inferior test kits resulting in wrong reading and thus wrong action taken....
  3. don't bother with starting and stoping skimmer la.....the risk of the pump spoilt is more expensive then the $ save on electricity, for some skimmer, it takes time for the skimmer to build up its form, so mn a efficient basis it might not be worth it too....focus more on chiller (more effecient chiller, higer temp), lights (maybe one of those LED or T5) even return pumps and wave maker (simplfiy your rockscap to maximize on flow)....all these also depends on the state of your tank....if it has matured significantly, you can start reducing all this SLOWLY over time..... over the course of 2 years i have increase temp by 1 degree, reduce my return pumps from 100w to 50w, stop running my wavebox and also a tunze pump.....all these without any noticable effect on the well being and growth of my SPS...
  4. no longer for sale....thanks for the interest....;P
  5. all items sold and collected....thread closed
  6. upz....also got another skimmer, smaller one, 24 inche hieght, 6 inch body, single beckeet without pump....please offer....
  7. selling Aqualogic cyclone Chiller, 1/3 HP......used for 1 year before becoming my backup chiller for another year.... has a slight leak at the joint and might need to top up gas every year, unless you get someone to seal the leak.... selling $250....collection marine parade.....
  8. a picture with 2 big bottle of tropic marine mag for comparation......you need transport to bring this back as i sure you won't want to take a bus with this.... :D
  9. since i have decom and keeping a nano, selling a custom make skimmer from RM.....its a ten inch body with 30+ inch high... wet neck design ensure that the neck is kept clean, i only clean once every 6 month and had not notice any drop in performance........ it has 2 Becket attached, with another 2 port for future expansion....this is a insump unit and i used to used 2x HF20 rio to power the beckect.....requires a footprice of at least 24x18 inch in the sump although a 24x24 inch area would be better..... selling for 450....collection marine parade area.... comes with ehiem hose that will make it quite quiet.... i'll provide 2 HF20 pump free.....but can't guarantee that with works as its out of water a long time already....
  10. wavebox sold.....found a mag for the 6100, so its now 190 with mag
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