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  1. Filter sock holder and dosing tube holder still available
  2. Giving away a handful of cheato for those who need. Collection at bukit batok Cheers
  3. Diy algae scrubber box is taken. Left with filter sock holder and dosing tube holder. Thanks
  4. Upz, price nego 1. Filter sock holder 2. Dosing tube holder 6. DIY algae scrubber box
  5. Upz for the following, offer me, just want to clear rather than collecting dust 1. Filter sock holder 2. Dosing tube holder 6. DIY algae scrubber box
  6. 4. Isolation box is taken The following still available 1. Filter sock holder 2. Dosing tube holder 6. DIY algae scrubber Thanks
  7. Also selling 6. DIY Waterfall algae scrubber, footprint of the box is 31x18cm and 24cm tall. - can accommodate very large screen, suitable for big tanks - piping included as shown in photo - removable top panel - removable side panels for light mounting. Lights are in separate compartment to prevent water spill - black on the outside to prevent light spill to other part of the sump - screen is not included, can buy from artfriend - light is not included, can diy led strip Selling only for $30
  8. 3 & 5 reserved 1, 2, 4 still available
  9. Hi, clearing items I no longer needed but still in good conditions. Thanks for viewing 1. BM 4" filter holder (new) $10 2. Acrylic tube holder $8 3. Magnetic frag racks $10 4. Isolation box with trap doors 20x10x15h cm, with removable divider, thick acrylic not the flimsy one $20 5. Mechanical float switch with acrylic holder $10
  10. Both reserved. Thanks
  11. Hi, Fragging overgrown AOG colony, 2 frags, 5-6 polyps each. $15 each. Collection at Bukit batok. Thanks
  12. All reserved except for BOP Another photo of BOP
  13. Hi, trimming overgrown corals. Collection at bukit batok. Thanks 1. BOP mini colony $20 2. Large monti, about 15cm long multi layer $40 3. AOG 1p big + 2p small $8 4. Rainbow infusion 2p $8 5. Mohawk many polyps $15
  14. Received many PMs. Thanks for the interest. The clown is reserved for collection tomorrow.
  15. Hi, selling my clown, bred from Picasso + true perc pair. About 4-5cm long. Healthy, fat and greedy, eat all kinds of food. $50 Can't get along with another clown so sadly need to let it go to good home. Open to trade with corals. Pm me your number, I can send video.
  16. Frags 1&2 are taken. Left with frag 3. Thanks
  17. Hi, trimming my gsp and has the following to clear : Frag 1 $8 (fully encrusting a frag plug) Frag 2 $10 (fully encrusting a frag plug) Frag 3 $15 (fully encrusting a small rock) Collection is at bukit batok. Thanks
  18. Photo of the remaining frags
  19. Hi, a flipper magnetic scrapper. Used this sparingly on my previous tank. Kept it in storeroom since I decommed the tank. Only for $25 This is the standard size for up to 12mm thk glass. In good condition, always kept out of water if not in use. Suitable for both glass and acrylic tank as it comes with unused abs plastic blade for acrylic tank. The scrubber pad is still clean. PM in interested. Collection at bukit batok. Thanks
  20. 1 & 4 are taken. Remaining 2 & 3 Thanks
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