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  1. 3inches from an article from reefkeeping.com. i setup a friend with a leopard wrasse with 2 inches. but the main thing was the tank was full of critters after 6 weeks of cycling and it is 4 feet in length.
  2. My cabinet is done! Now waiting for my glass tank and sump to be done! Might take a week (I hope!)
  3. Perks of living in a country with 7,100 islands!
  4. yes. they are dead rocks. bought them as live rocks directly from the sea but had to douse them in hydrogen peroxide to get rid of hitchhikers. then sun dry them to make sure theyre all dead. Funny enough, i think i overbought my rocks as from the picture, 1 tile is 1 square feet. lucky I live in a place where LR is plentiful an being sold for sgd1 for 1kg
  5. Hi friends! I am Mike from the Philippines and have been following SGReefClub for almost a year now! After my old tank getting lots of GHA, bryopsis, lots of corals withering away I have decided to make a new tank. Double the size and double the fun!!! Doing some rockscaping so I can start with the cycling. The tank size will be 72" x 24" x 20"h Am currently researching on which protein skimmer to get, my options were RO Elite-200 INT and RO Ikskrat IXS2-SS. As the Ikstrakt is substantially lower priced, I am wondering is anyone can give me good feedback on these two skimmers.
  6. After a month of using Kent MArine Tech-M and maintaining magnesium at 1800ppm, I see mixed results with my battle against bryopsis. They have been slowly dying but on the other hand, green hair algae has been growing in their place! So after everything, I decided to try Fauna Marin Algea X! Currently I'm on my 8th dose and all the algae have died or dying off. There are still colorless strands of algae on the rocks but most of the algae that were on the glass have all disappeared! Will post some pics soon! Current fishes are: 6 apogon parvalus (6 survived from QT after like 50 bought total from different times!) 2 attenuatus flasher wrassed-both submales I think, but they are starting to flash a little 1 yellow flasher wrasse 1 yellow assessor Currently planning an upgrade which I will start on another thread.
  7. What kind of snails are these? Are they baby nerites? They are really small! found on a favia I got from a store.
  8. Any other places to get them? Clementi kinda far from where I stay? I prefer near Orchard or near Golden octopus area. east side etc
  9. Where is this C328? Outside which shop? Thanks
  10. Hello reefmates! May I ask, where do I find clear hard airline tubes for use in culturing? Size must fit normal clear airlines. Thank you!
  11. I just removed 80 to 90% of my sand. My sand is just around half an inch thick of really coarse sand. Although detritus flying around is a problem, my tank quickly blows it down my sump and straight into my filter socks. I still have a refugium with sand bed and miracle mud in it plus my live rocks. Hopefully I won't have that huge of an ammonia spike!
  12. Battling bryopsis, I have decided to remove all the sand in my DT and clean them using Hydrogen Peroxide. I bought 6% H2O2 solutions and put 1 part h2o2 and 4 parts water. Put some sand with LOTS of algae attached to them and this is what happened.
  13. My concern is that from magnesium level 1300 all the way to level 1800, I had my carbon and GFO in the sump Maybe the chemicals that are needed have been sucked by the carbon and GFO?
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