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  1. I'm using Alkatronic, Mastertronic & Apex on my system. Each does a different thing. Specifically for Mastertronic, it simplifies the testing regime. One key factor in this hobby is to prevent mistakes or at least to catch it early. Both the Alkatronic & Mastertronic do this effectively. As I've often said, what gets measured gets done. One nice thing about the Mastertronic is that you can set the interval to whatever you like and not forced to test too regularly. Interval for each parameter can be different depending on the needs of the tank. Accuracy so far is spot on.
  2. Switching off the light for few days can reduce the algae growth rate. I meant you can reduce the light level long term as well.
  3. Is this a FOWLR or do you have corals as well? Look into ways to reduce nitrates. 100 is quite high. Not good for the livestock long term as well. Are your lights very bright & on for long hours? Light is a key contributor to this green algae. Also look into livestock that eat algae. Tangs, snails are good options.
  4. Did some housekeeping of equipment in the sump. Took most of the external reactors out for a good wipe down & inspection. Installed a set of AquaUV clips. This design is slim yet robust. Holds up very well. Close up Installed a 2nd set of holders for the power supply as well. The power supply is lighter than the main UV unit and placed on the narrow vertical pillar of the cabinet. Hence i'm using another design that has a narrower foot print and the screws on the side (less convenient). But that's OK since the power supply does not need to be removed for maintenance. I also got a new CO2 regulator by CO2 Art. I've used brands like ANS, Ocean Free & Intense. The CO2 Art one is by far the best regulator so far. Key features : 12V DC solenoid (runs cooler). Replaceable regulator in case it spoils (no need to change out the entire regulator). The silicone O ring is very thick. Looks robust. And a 2nd replacement O ring is provided as well Comes with an integrated bubble counter Adjustable working pressure. Though this is useful for freshwater planted tank who use high pressure diffusers, we marine keepers don't really need this feature. The default 'low' pressure setting will suffice. Most importantly, the needle valve knob is very smooth. It has some kind of friction feature within that does not allow it to run off on its own. The only downside of the CO2 Art solenoid is that its quite big. Note its sticks out horizontally by quite a bit. So make sure you have space for it. The brand has several models. This particular one is CO2 Art PRO-SE. Got it from ReefmarketSG for $193.
  5. Your tank looks to be doing very well. Love the flame hawks. They have such interesting personality especially with their moving eyeballs.
  6. Looks like a intenteresting build coming up. For auto water change, since you are on the ecotech ecosystem, 2 sets of Ecotech Versa will fit in. Keen to see the close loop design. If without one, consider an MP60 + 2x MP40 Good plan to reserve space & plan for future upgrade / supplement with a calcium reactor. Though there is an initial learning curve, there is much less intervention in the long run. Noticed you listed Mastertronic & Dosetronic only. As highligted on Focustronic facebook page " Note that Mastertronic will not be controlling dKH (Alkalinity) with Dosetronic because the kh testing is limited to once per day due to the fact that if dkh needs to be controlled, it needs many data points per day and not just a few". That means you need to have an Alkatronic if you want dosetronic to auto dose. Consider battery backup for wavemaker
  7. The nitrates usually hover around the 10ppm range. Just that its slightly lower during this measurement. That's a regular dremel tool. With diamond wheel + #A550 Rotatary Shield
  8. Good that you brought up this fact check! Thanks for highlighting. Its correct that UV does not break down organics. The spectrophotometer of the Mastertronic measures the color which uses it as a proxy for organics levels.
  9. Parameter levels measured via Mastertronic today : Nitrates 2.77ppm. Typically hovering around 2-10ppm. Phosphate 0.2ppm. Typically running around 0.1-0.2ppm range. OLI (organic levels) - 1u. Not bad. The AquaUV is doing its job. AE Cleanse. You can get it here : https://www.reefmarketsg.com.sg/aquaticexclusive-cleanse-ready-to-use
  10. Some pics taken tonight. Blueish chalice with orange/gold patches. Not sure of the ID Must always check for fish in the wavemaker before turning it back on.
  11. You'll be amazed at how much broad flow the MP60 can provide compared to other wavemakers. Crazy powerful. I used to run it at higher 50% speeds but it shifts the large 3mm grain sand from the middle of the tank till the bare glass bottom can be seen (unsightly). 20-30% speed would probably be OK for the sand. But I've just set it a lower speed as I find there to be sufficient flow for my particular rockscape & layout. I'd choose the MP60 any time over an MP40 or any other wavemaker. This is a quick video taken around 11am this morning showing the flow in the tank. Still get sufficient flow at the SPS.
  12. I brought my CO2 tanks for top up the other day @ Lim Yew Siong (22 Woodlands Link #02-66). Got this link from fellow reefer & was also shared in SRC Whatsapp chat group earlier. They topped up the CO2 tanks on the spot. $25.68 for 2x 5L tanks. A small saving compared to LFS but not exactly worth the effort to drive all the way there. Not easy to transport 2 CO2 tanks in the car too.
  13. I have a total of 3 wavemakers in the tank. On the left wall is an MP60 & MP40 what's just in front of the SPS & hammers. On the back wall near the right side is an MP40 that provides flow to the torch. Left view Each wavemaker runs on a different schedule so it provides more random flow (supposedly less chance of detritus gathering at one spot). But in reality, it does not really matter since the sand bed is full of corals & rocks. Some will surely get trapped anyway. Nevertheless, the following are screenshots of the setting at various times of the day. MP40 Left MP60 Left MP40 Back/Right
  14. Sometimes Birdsnest Corals are under-rated. Love the pink and also the lime green round tip variant This palm sized tabling acro started out as a single stem a few years back. Grown too big & blocking the other SPS below it. Lovely blue base with blue/purplish polyps. Will be posting the colony in pasar malam soon Got this from Reefing Reality. Thought it was a blue stag but turned out to be a green stag with bluish tips in my high nutrient tank.
  15. The current light setting & dosing regime seems to be running quite well. Corals are doing OK. In the process of sourcing a larger capacity calcium reactor. Some pics from today : Aussie SSC. Bali Shortcake (with yellow filter) Royal Blue Millie Overgrown candy cane. This is just part of the colony Hammer garden
  16. Did some housekeeping on the table next to the tank in prep for new equipment to come. Made a stand to mount the Mastertronic above the Alkatronic. Fabricated a small stand with aluminum profiles from Prestech. And used some scrap material around the house to finish it up. As it was sitting on top of the table, i wanted to secure the new rack to the lower table frame (below the wood table top that was wider than the table leg). Hence a couple of 3D brackets were printed for this purpose. Much neater now.
  17. Golden hammer is back available. Bugatti Chalice frag 1 & 3 still available. (Frag 2 sold)
  18. Bump for fellow reefer. Tank grown gonios are the proven to be very hardy.
  19. Golden hammer & bicolor hammer sold. Bugatti Chalice still available.
  20. Random shots from today : A frag from Alex (Thanks!!) Divaricata growing quite fast. Need to relocate some other corals around it. New hammer addition in the middle
  21. Selling the following. Deal at Bt Batok area. PM or whatsapp @ 92370381 if keen. Pics taken in blue light with yellow filter. No photoshop. 1) Bugatti Chalice : $320 Frag is 3.5cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug Cut from palm sized mother colony about 3 months ago. Very stable. Mother colony : 2) Bugatti Chalice : $230 3cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug Cut from palm sized mother colony about 3 months ago. Very stable. 3) Bugatti Chalice $180 3cm across. Mounted on 2cm frag plug 4) Branching Golden Hammer. 4 stems/heads. $90 Some stems are splitting and have 2 mouths. Total around 6-7 mouths. Side view Note the above is taken with yellow filter in blue light and may look quite yellowish. This is what it looks like in whitish light. 5) Branching bi-color hammer. 2 heads. $50 0621f42a-e334-40a5-a2d2-bc85acbd56ed (Large).jfif
  22. The one on the left is a prata (from Seasonal). The one on the right is a lobo (from Oceana). Both places gave very reasonable prices. IMO, Lobophyllia seem very under rated. They have lovely colors but not many rush for them.
  23. Close up pics of the money cowrie. It came as a tiny hitchhiker on a coral colony many years ago. Grown a lot. It was crawling above the fiji pipe organ this morning. This is what the underside looks like This is what the top looks like. Interesting to see the shiny shell. And if it feels safe again, the feathery tentacles appear through the shell within a couple of seconds. Top view
  24. Did some quick inspection/maintenance of the UV sterilizer today. Last bulb change was in October 2020. While the bulb will last 14 months with 24/7 usage, its probably good to check to make sure its running efficiently. Specifically, I'm looking out for quartz sleeve totally caked with dried salt - this can happen if the water stops flowing (accidentally switch off water pump?) but UV light is still on. Or hazy quartz sleeve - if moisture seeps into the seals. Checked the bulb. Looks ok. Bulb is clear. Checked the quartz sleeve. The main body of the sleeve is clear (good). Only the top part which is above the water line is crusted with salt. This is normal since that portion is above the water line & hot. Did a quick scrub down with some acid to remove the mild calcification and its good to go.
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