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  1. Lmcandrea

    flatworm attack

    Anyone interested in my blue velvet nudi? Eats flat worms
  2. Anyone interested in my blue velvet nudi? Eats flat worms.
  3. Lmcandrea

    WTG shrimps

    Thanks for offering anyway!
  4. shrimpssssssss~ ❤️

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    2. Lmcandrea


      @braincoral Yes actually! You have?

    3. braincoral


      Don't have le..only have pods...

    4. Lmcandrea


      Cheh... Hahaha

  5. @Firestarter: No problem! Haha. And to everyone else, thanks for being so nice . Haha. Its nice to be part of the community.
  6. Hahaha. I'm getting from Rudy he stays at amk too!
  7. If I lower the nitrate level through a water change, will the copepods die out because the algae will decrease? Because I have corals in my tank and the current nitrate level is 40-80
  8. Haha. Thanks for backing me. My name is really pretty common I guess.
  9. Thanks for the offer but cck is really very far for me. Haha.
  10. Haha I'm confused. I'm really Andrea! Guess whoever I get the chaetos from can verify. Or you guys can check out my Instagram/ Facebook page? My username is Lmcandrea too. Thanks for all the offers everyone. I really appreciate it! I will probably get from someone in the east because I stay at tanah merah.
  11. Lmcandrea

    WTG shrimps

    Hi I'm interested in your shrimps. My contact number is 82004333. Thanks, Andrea
  12. Yes there are a lot! They are rather small. I think because I zoomed in they look big. I really don't know if they are really copepods due to the number of them. And what puzzled me is that I had a problem with nitrates for a while yet, they kept multiplying. I tried feeding them marine algae/seaweed that I usually feed my tang and they seem to love it. Thats not my stump tank. It's actually quite a big container with holes where I isolate my reef lobster. I bought him on a whim and he really does look very cool but he doesn't come out from below the rocks so I decided to catch him out. MY DT has two maroon clowns, a fairy wrasse and a blue tang.
  13. Hi, These are the updated pictures of the white bugs. Do help me ID if possible. Will be much appreciated!
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