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  1. Eh .. ya .. I agree that 30mins is not enough. The point is to drip enough tank water into the bag until the water in the bag is as close to that of the tank as possible.
  2. I started with a refuge which ran for 2 months. After I decomm my refuge, my mandarin somehow still manages to feed though I do not see any pods on my glass. My guess is that pods have found their way into my rocks and have formed a colony there.
  3. Haha! I do intend to keep a trigger fish one day (If I get approval for a 6ft by HDB). And hopefully train them not to touch my corals.
  4. Hmm .. what about not going to LFS at all for until you are ready for more fishes? So far that has kept me from added more fishes for the past 2 months.
  5. Bro, keep up your water change every 3-4 days for at least the next 1-2 weeks to ensure everything in the tank goes back to balanced mode Everything looking really good too ^.^
  6. Good to hear U shifted the rocks around?
  7. Cheato and other algae plants reduces nitrates only when they are harvested out of the water. The only way it can be effective would be when it is harvested in huge quantities which is impossible in a nano. Bro, so far Biopellets have been doing a good (fantastic) job in my 50L nano and couple that with weekly 40-50% water change (Salt mix), my nitrates are always below 5. This is with 7 fishes and 2 inverts feeding 3 times a day in my tank.
  8. Put him in an isolation box. Then when feeding then other fishes, feed them close to this isolation box so they get used to each other. Ensure that the new fishes have found their own homes and are comfortable before U let PT out.
  9. Tangs got to be careful which species u get. From what I know similar looking tangs will attack each other due to territorial concerns. And yes .. they are ich magnets so got to make sure your water quality is consistently good and if possible feed food with garlic (they may be picky with their food so got to try here and there.)
  10. sometimes it's a new tank/new fish thingy. Will go away after a week or 2. If it's consistent then got to look into the rock work already.
  11. Fin nibbles meaning they chase other fishes and nib on their fins? Excessive stress would lead to a host of many other problems like white spots due to their low immune system and even a possibility of jumping out of the water. Also .. A nib in the fin is still an wound. This can lead to fin rot of the nib is too deep and doesn't have the correct conditions to heal. 1. Make sure there are enough holes and caves for Ur fishes to hide among Ur Rockscape. Each fish will have their preferred location on the roc. 2. Even if the caves and holes are enough, is there enough swimming space in the tank. Different fishes have different swimming requirements. 3. Most fishes closely guard their territories. This is mostly due to lack of food in their natural environment in the wild. So make sure the other fishes have enough space so as not to invade their territories.
  12. I saw some spare parts for this skimmer at Qian Hu. Might want to search for the pump there.
  13. Bro ngjaso, I used to run a similar canister filter set up to you but have since decommed it last weekend. It was decommed because I can't seem to get rid of my algae bloom no matter what I did and my canister seems to be the main culprit. Although the results were expected, it was way better then expected. Been 5 days and I have not seen any algae growing on my glass since I cleaned it off when I decom the canister. In the past algae would start growing 1-2 days after a clean up. When I first hooked up the canister, algae was not blooming so quickly. But as time went by it really bloomed non stop. My guess is due to the dirt trapped inside the canister. Now I'm happy to be back to a non-algae blooming tank.
  14. Super good skimmer from the good ole days
  15. I think I have one similar to this in my IOS. Caught it crawling out of one of my LR one day and decided to keep it away from my fishes. I think he's the reason for torn fins on one of my clowns before I kept him away.
  16. What I read is that Everytime they molt they will become pregnant. But without another shrimp to fertilize the eggs, they will just become food for the other fishes when released. From what I read, Shrimps are female when they molt and that's why have eggs. When their shell is hard, they will be male. So it's like a dual sex thingy.
  17. Bro i realise Ur temperature is set quite high. Heard from MarineLife that those RBTA needs 25 degrees. Might be the reason for their moving around. Want to try slowly lowering Ur temperature?
  18. Yups They will learn their places soon enough. Oh .. and they responds to our actions too. My gf would sit in front of my tank and "punish" (point index finger against the glass) my yellow tank whenever it tries to bully my firefishes (especially since the only come out during feeding times). After doing this a few times, Yellow tank now behaves itself during feeding time and never went near the firefishes. Just yesterday I saw my firefishes coming out of their hiding place for awhile even though its not feeding time. Hopefully this improves.
  19. I just love the personality of our fishes. If only I have space for more tangs.
  20. Haha I think my mandarin too pampered with pods already. No matter how he eats also like unlimited supply.
  21. Hmm.. Angel keeper. What about having a hang on refugium that will keep a constant supply of pods?
  22. Most people have a refugium to cultivate pods. If this is what u want the refugium for, than yes it is effective for cultivating pods. A refugium however is not the most effective way to keep water clean. That's because u need to harvest a lot of algae to remove just that bit of nitrate. A better way would be an algae scrubber. Go search "ATS" or "Algae Scrubber" in the forums and U will know what I mean. It's not a physical scrubbing tool.
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