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  1. Hi i have a 4inch maroon clownfish to give away(not golden strip). Very healthy but my 100g tank leak today and i need to give it away i dont want it to die. Had it for nearly a year. Must collect BY TODAY. i live near central area pm me if interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. All my LPS in my tank for many months already but recently the polyp extension keep increasing and they sting each other very badly resulting them to die. My duncan I bought from Marine Life Aquarium.
  3. UPDATE: Maroon clown somehow managed to recover and is doing fine after so many months. However all my LPS are dead now due to a severe stinging issue.
  4. i cut off the head already. will it spread? 3 of the heads got stung only but there is one more head that got infected too some how??
  5. This link is all about my nano tank when i just got it and you can see the polyp extension of my LPS has significantly increased over the months. Also added new skimmer. My duncan got stung by the green and brown hammer coral. The green and brown hammer coral is the LPS that has been in my tank for the longest so I'm definitely sure it is disease free. Should i cut away the branches of my duncan?
  6. I'm pretty sure this is brown jelly disease. but i am 100% sure that my hammer coral is brown jelly disease free after having it for so long and there is no way it could have spread to the duncan. my most recent coral additions are 2 treated zoas from LCK 201
  7. I have a duncan which has been in my tank for around 6 months. Very healthy. I have a hammer which has been in my tank for around 6 months too. Also very healthy. One day hammer somehow managed to sting the duncan pretty badly. Now the duncan can be seen emitting brown jelly. Siphoned out the jelly but it just comes back the next day. What should i do? I dont understand how the duncan could have gotten brown jelly from my healthy hammer coral. The top of my tank is LPS dominated and none of them have brown jelly disease and are all doing healthy. All the LPS in my tank have been with me fo
  8. How to post on other sections ah? My comp doesnt give me the option
  10. Yellow tang abit big for ur tank ah
  11. Anemone is invetebrate. Harder to keep than corals cause they tend to move around.
  12. once a week to once a month. Dimensions: 35cmx35cmx35cm Filter: Fluval C2 Light: CherryAqua iNano Skimmer: Tunze 9001 Wavemaker: Hydor Koralia 900l/ph
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