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  1. No problem! Hope more people can help haha especially taken with their phone instead me forward from lfs Instagram. Pinnacle Aquatic
  2. Love to see how the christmas tree worm growing, wondering will it travel to another rock and start growing there too.
  3. Gem tang recovered from marine velvet. Actually most of my fish recover by enticing them and feed them plenty of seaweed. Writing an article on it. I’ve introduce my fishes from QT, however disease still manage to enter my tank when there’s only 1 fish when I just started. DAMN AT. Now I will just make sure my fish is fat and healthy so they will be immune from diseases. Currently all the fish are disease-free and healthily swimming, check my Instagram story out!
  4. Personal experience and STILL ALIVE in my tank. I've a 4 Ft tank with 11 Clowns now. Two adult pair of Percula, 9 captive bred Ocellaris clownfish. Going to hit five months mark. No sign of aggression. They sleep inside my leather thou. The only pair percula sleep inside RBTA. The rest just sleep in all the other leathers.
  5. Pinnacle New Shipment Arrived Sohal Tang M Red Sea Purple Tang SM Regal Angel Baby Juvenile Yellow Rhinopias Eschmeyeri Timor Wrasse Juv Blue Star Leopard Wrasse Golden MIdas Blenny Red Scooter Blenny Blue Eye Lyretail Anthia Fish (female) Red Lyretail Anthias Fish (male) Evansi Anthias Marcia Anthias Female Marcia Anthias Male Bimaculatus Anthias Female Bimaculatus Anthias Male Powder Blue Tang L Powder Blue Tang S Clown Surgeon L Clown Surgeon SM Yellow Eye Tang M Blonde Naso Tang L Blonde Naso Tang M Blonde Naso Tang S Brown Tang Moorish Idol Cream Angel Sm Blue Ring Angel Ad
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