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  1. Hey! I also thought about contrast when i just started. So for example Red People eater / Magician Zoas. I will separate to one end to another. Try not to mix the same color together and it will ended up look perfectly fine!. Do show us more of your update. You can see my zoas on my tank thread
  2. Hi, I’m looking for gold maul zoa. Please pm me picture, location and price thanks!
  3. S7 [emoji146] SUPREM7 CORALS [emoji146] 9 April 2021 Operating Hours: 12pm to 7pm [emoji91]Massive Clownfish shipment ![emoji91] [emoji277] Midnight [emoji278] Domino [emoji3587] Snowflake [emoji439] Orange Davinci [emoji439] Black Davinci [emoji3063] Frostbite [emoji2770] Picasso [emoji3547] BlackStorm [emoji477] MochaStorm [emoji2413] WhiteStorm [emoji521] Orange Naked [emoji3448] Orange Misbar [emoji1655] Fish Shipment [emoji1655] [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91] Koi Tang [emoji91][emoji91][emoji91] [emoji294] Tomini Tang [emoji1782] Clown Tang [emoji515] Chocolate Tang [emoji305] Red
  4. Suprem5 Interesting Fish Shipment Landed Tank Bred Angel Golden Spotted Angel T Majestic Angel S Cortez Angel Hybrid Angel T Grey Poma Angel T Blue Ring Angel M Blue Face Angel S Regal Angel T Powder Black M Powder Blue Tang S Vlamigi Tang S Convict Tang SM Mimic Tang S RoseBand Fairy Wrasse Flasher Wrasse Tonisukai Wrasse Yellow Tail Spotted Wrasse Yellow Fin Fairy Wrasse Red Coris Wrasse GoldenHead Doctor Wrasse Filament Wrasse Leopard Wrasse Bella Wrasse White Bar Anthias Flavo Anthias Dispar Anthias Bicolor Anthias Yellow Spotted Hogfish Orange Spotted Goby Green Mandar
  5. Update on your corals please
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