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  1. Looking for lanthanum chloride. Alternatively GBPO4 if i have no other choice. PM me if u have some to sell. Need phosphate binding agent.
  2. Looking for lanthanum chloride. Alternatively GBPO4 if i have no other choice. PM me if u have some to sell. Need phosphate binding agent.
  3. not fully cycled. as i can see u only started ur tank last week. add market prawn if u have not. fishless cycle and wait for a month and then check. even then add fish 1 at a time.
  4. WTS Skimz SH1s •Rated for tanks up 53 gallons (200 Liters)•Features an SAP1200 pump - 7W•Venturi Impeller•Adjustable collection cup and air intake Dimensions:85mm x 90mm x 30mmMax Height: 35mm This is the in-sump/aio compartment version and NOT the HOB or Magnetic mount version. used for 6-7 months. Skimmer in great working condition. Reason for selling, upgraded. Warranty still valid until January 2017. Skimmer Rated Below 200L suitable only for nano tank. Selling @ $40 PM for contact
  5. Just commisioned the skimmer less than 12 hours and already producing skimmate. No micro bubbles released into my display. Mind the microbubbles escape at the bottom. Collection cup got chipped off during shipment. Awaiting replacement.
  6. Anybody have used these HOB protien skimmers before? I've already ordered it and will be coming in a few days time. Heard good reviews about the Aquamaxx HOB 1 but didnt recieve any reviews locally. It comes with a sicce shark pump 2.0. Aquamaxx and JNS if im not wrong are the same? Just a rebrand?
  7. What CUC do u recommend? Currently have 3 astrea snails and pin cusion urchin in a 25g tank
  8. This is one of the pic taken few weeks back. Before gfo was implemented. Its growing out from the snails and is still present and same length and slightly brown.. It used to be translucent.
  9. I will take photos as soon as possible.. i have made some research and came up with this thread http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2095208 From the sounds of it, he is having the same problem as me, having great coralline growing with no algar issues until NoPox is overdose. Aviad from red sea in the end says coincidental. I dont think it is if i have the same problem. (Just a note, i didnt have bacterial bloom, my fishes/inverts and sps/lps/softies survived the overdose) I even have an email from Aviad Seriously Raising No3 And Po4? I h
  10. My current nano tank is having some massive algae issues. It doesn't look like GHA, its look more stringy and slimy and faded green and some are white. Can't ID. My tank used to be Algae free with undetectable phosphate and maybe about 1ppm of nitrate. I was able to control them with regular weekly 20% water change and Carbon Dosing. All this algae happens when i accidentally overdose NOPOX into my tank (Maintenance Dosage @ 0.25ml, Overdose @ 8ml). After noticing I was overdosing, i made a 20% water change and kept a look out for bacteria bloom, after 12hrs or so, bacterial bloom didn't
  11. AI Prime AI Hydra 26 better yet HD.. Maxspect Nano 70w model ai f&m madpetz deaquatic maxspect deaquatic other than that, par38
  12. Its been awhile since if update my set up.. Here i go
  13. Done.. I'll look out and test more often
  14. Is this the same as Seachem Flourish Phosphorus? I'm Concern if it will covert into nitrate when dosed into SW. Read randy recommendation to dose Seachem Phosphorus.. Stil considering. I'm not sure if increase feeding helps, as its does produce Po4, it contributes No3 as well.
  15. Banned, unless to can provide proof to AVA that these creatures doesn't affect our enviorement. Theres alot in the black market but good luck finding them.
  16. thats the part where i dont think i have enough Po4 Carbon dosing seems not to be working to reduce the nitrate but its working just to maintain the levels. Only water change does the job reducing it. It will take me months just to reduce nitrate levels to 1ppm... Trying to find a Po4 source without the presence of Nitrate. Cant find products such as brightwell Neophos (PO4 Supplementation for ULNS)
  17. How much does unbalanced PO4 and NO3 effect my carbon dosing.. As my understanding, to reducing nutrient via carbon dosing (vodka, vinegar, sugar etc) requires the present of PO4. Dino have been removed, turned off lightings for 3 days, fuge lighting 24/7 on, the dinos eventually grew on the cheato, i have hence remove them from the cheato.
  18. Eventually I went back to Prodibio Digest and Bioptim dosing as my bacteria and carbon dosing. Achieved ULNS by doing so in the past. Been battling High Levels of Nitrate since 3/4 weeks ago. Lucky enough I have low bioload. Will be doing another 50% water change at the end of this week. Is there any possibility that My tank actualy Restarted cycle when i was doing Carbon DOsing?
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