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  1. Hi i currently having problems with high nitrate issues and undetectable Po4 readings (Both Salifert Test). All this seems to happen after sandbed got blown off. Tried water change 50% (Distilled Water, H2Ocean Salt Mix), Biodigest - Bioptim even NoPox & Bacter7. It currently now at 25-50ppm range of No3, orginally was over 100ppm. What happen during this stage, all my copepods went missing, massive die off, Dino stars growing on sandbed. Inverts and LS seems to be fine tho. Any other tips i can do to reduce this high nitrate issue? I have Skimz Sh1 as my Skimmer, A small fuge with Ch
  2. U have to play around with it... Just an advice, At full height, par readings will be 250umols @ 100% all lights. Since par vs sps is a complicated issue, i really have no idea whats the ideal intensity for Prime. This is just a sample how i run it and still cant find the sweet spot. CW-60 DR-10 G-15 DB-100 B-100 UV-60 V-40 Lunar DB - 2% Start 10 - End 10, ramp 3hours, 6 hours peak. Personally, AI Prime ideal for LPS, Softies..
  3. hahahaha.. apa mau segan segan... nak main chak! bah! keee
  4. Tank mati hidup kan balek hahaha. Aku pon dulu tank innalilah, selepas 2-3 tahun baru start alek.
  5. Before reading, didnt check haha, current reading = Salifert test reading of 0.5ppm. Am using distilled water, not ro/di. Suspect phosphate leaking from dry rock. After much reading found out that CPB has phosphate asorbing resin. PAR vs GFO?
  6. Anyone uses this before? Is it just a gimmicky product? Using it on my 1.5ft cube. But has little to no effect on removing phosphate. Claiming it does remove phosphate & sillicat but not sure how as there is no GFO in it. It only states that it has Carbon & Deionize resins. Chemi pure elite tho has GFO. Here the inside of CPB, White resin, Chocolate Rice & that red little thang. In short im trying to say that its not working for my system, im trying to avoid diatom bloom but it still happened. Have to run a bag of rowaphos. Anyone has success trying CPB
  7. I've bumped up the settings to 14k & 12k at 75%
  8. I've never seen Algae Blenny Clear Up Sandbed they only eat up those on rocks. Best bet will be siphon them out or manual labor. Alternatively Sand Sifter Stars, Gobies few other snail like Fighting Conch, Nassarius Snail, Sea Cucumber might help. They wont eat the algae but the mix the sand around.
  9. Check PO4 level, pull out,brush off, siphon as much algae as possible, do a 30% water change (Distilled or RO/DI water "no tap water") run rowaphos in a reactor (ideal), if no reactor, use the media sock given, follow intructions and place it in ur filter. Distilled water can be purchase at NTUC. "Life" Distilled Water.
  10. Caribsea South Sea Base Rock Top quality Phillipine base rock, clean and nicely sized from baseball to softball sizeSouth Seas Lace Rock is a great new aquascaping rock that we are excited to be offering. South Seas had much more structure than any other commonly available aquascaping rock and is much more porous than other as well. South Seas is a calcium carbonate base rock that is very similar to actual reef rock and at one point actually was, although it is obtained terrestrially from ancient coral reefs underground. South Seas will make the perfect alternative to live rock or can provide
  11. Low? LoL i actually have no expirience setting it hahah. Highest peak is about 40%-45%.. Should i change it to 60%? tank depth is about 14", water surface to light module is about 11"..
  12. Consider Turbo Snail and Tuxedo, they are algae eaters, since u already cycle ur tank with Rowaphos, i assume phosphate readings are low which deny algae growth. No algae = Turbo Snail and urchin gonna starve and die off which can lead to nutrient problem. I would skip the turbo snails and tux if u dont have an algae problem (btw this critters will end up on u glass wall instead of rocks). For rocks, get blue/red leg hermit.
  13. Bio start up consist on Bio Digest and Stop Ammo I dun really understand the function of Stop Ammo as u need Ammo to start the cycle. Unless theres too many ammo and not enough Beneficial which results in Bacteria Bloom (Cloudy Milky Water)? The one consist of Both Biodigest and Biotim is Bio Clean Salt.
  14. Already running on Chemi Pure Blue & RowaPhos for 2 weeks.. Water going crystal clear, lights been on schedule for a week. So far no patches of green, rocks still white.. Water change 10% a week on going. I'll wait for another week before i add 1 lifestock. Also been dosing Biodigest and Biotim to boost nitrifying bacteria. Decided not to use chiller, since day time with fan running 27.9c, night time with A/C 26.5c. Wondering if the fluctuation be a problem.. Trying to keep in range 80f to 84f. Do have a spare fan incase temp rises above 84f. Auto top off also installed to keep salinity s
  15. Maybe phosphate leaking from the dry rocks? Maybe i should get rowaphos running?
  16. Why oh why water turn green? Normal? Never had this before during the pass. Am not using tap water, im using life distilled water from NTUC. Last time never kena like this lei, last time more worst, direct tap water.
  17. Have no intention to create dsb. Ordered the wrong amount of sand and just dump it inside before finding out its roughly 3" thick..
  18. Added tunze 6025 temporarily.. Abit too powerfull even when power head aiming surface, sand storm. haha. Soon after finish cycle can add LS
  19. The only pump which is running is the return pump.. Running at 600l/hr
  20. Thanks ahchris.. 3rd day into my cycle process. Seriously the smell of the rotten market prawn is stinking my room. Literally feel like vomitting especially with the ac off and windows shut. Did a research and found this is natural as anmonia build up and bacteria bloom (tank is cloudy). Also did some more research regard this issue and have found mix reviews. Does anyone know how to kill the smell? I know im suppose to let it be but the smell is killing me. Shouldn't have place a large market prawn in. Overkill!!
  21. Finally Back To SRC after 2 Years Decomm of 3x2x2.5 due to crash Just Set this up today and its the beginning of the waiting game (Patience is virtue, don't rush). Tank/Cabinet Done By Aquarium Artist. Display - 18x18x14 IOS (Yes IOS simplicity) - 18x4x14 ( 3 compartment ) Running On Eheim Compact 600 Aqua Illumination Prime (Off for cycling) RSCP (Your most trusted salt) 8kg Caribsea South Sea Rock a my baby 18kg Carib Arag Alive Ooomama Oolite No fancy equipment added yet due to cycling stage. (Market Prawn Yum Yum). Due to shop having all bacteria dose out of stock have no choic
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