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  1. Tank set reserved with deposit. ups for the Rock and Evo-07 return pump
  2. Ups tank set reduced to $300 Light set reduced to $300 If taking tank and light = $500
  3. Letting go the below items. Collection@Punggol Contact: 97272350 1) Tank and Cabinet - $350 Bought from AA in Oct 2014, with receipt. Main tank Dimension 1200mm x 350mm x 350mm (10mm glass) Sump 3ft - Customized to be Shallow tank to allow top view other than usual front view. - Depth just nice for easy maintenance and especially those who like to rearrange corals frequently. - Side overflow for maximum space in tank - Also paid for extra piping to allow main pump tee off to chiller to save running independent pump for chiller - No scratches on main tank and cabinet laminates condition 9/10 - Customized acrylic door for more sophisticated look. Buyer can also change back to Original cabinet door. FOC items: Salifert test kit - KH, Calcium and Magesium 60% left. Strongtium brand new. Pump Haelia HX6540 With original cabinet door (Requested a viewing hole for refugium at left door) Piping to have option to tee off main pump for chiller so that no need to run extra pump Glory days, more beautiful photos can be found at my tank thread FOC items 2) Fake rocks - $50 Bought at $150. Left one used about a few months but right one never touch water yet band new. 3) Light sets - $350 - DE 4 ft 4 tubes, comes with ATI 2 blue plus, 1 purple plus and 1 coral plus - Maxspect Glaive LED (G4-M100) bought for $290 with receipt Oct 2014 Although T5 is the best light for coral but I have customize this Maxspect LED to supplement so can have the best of both world More infor on the DIY can be found in my tank thread FOC items: Brand new 3 blue plus and 1 coal plus DIY Aluminium stand for hanging the lights 4) Maxspect Gyre XF-130 - $150 Bought in Jan 2015 with receipt Box intact and extra accessorizes all untouched. 5) 2 x Wavemakers - $20 Jebao RW-4 - 4000 L/H JVP 110 - 2000L/H 6) Return pump - $20 EVO - E07 5000L/H 7) FM Colour elements - $20 Blue purple complex 500ml 80% left Green blue complex 500ml 80% left
  4. Item pending collection. Thanks SRC, mod kindly close thread thanks.
  5. Rocks sold and collected. Thanks SRC! Mod thread close pls.
  6. Chiller sold and collected. ups for the RODI set, foc TDS pen.
  7. Chiller reserved for bro William Will provide FOC TDS pen (cost me $35) for RODI unit
  8. Hi, letting go below itemscollection at Punggol.Post on this thread to reserve the items. 972723501) Dosing set $100Jebao dosing unit 4 channels3 containersCalcium 15kgKh 18kgMagnesium 6kg2) RODI - 5 stages bought from madpetz $200usage is one red pail every week for about 1 year3)HS66A Chiller $200
  9. yes the rocks are available, but I have already taken them out of water and are dead rocks now.
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