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  1. Hi can pm Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Available? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Location? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  4. Bro what you going to put in your sump?
  5. Ok so tank shifted outside now looking to build rock scape, any nice bros or sis got dead or live rock they willing to give away? ty pics otw
  6. Hi there bro first red flag i see is the glass is too thin, i think for Marine tank you will need to start looking at 10mm min for 3 ft onwards.
  7. Dum Dum dum, tank will be moving out of my room(storage) and into the hall in 2 days, just wanted to update. Kena poison by all these posts and what not i have now spent about $60 at Daiso buying god knows what lol. Will post more pics of the items i bought and the tank once i've moved the stuff out. Have also found a skimmer that is affordable and fits(AquaPharm AP1200) but since no need to run skimmer while cycling i will wait a few weeks before getting it. As for lightings am still looking for about 4 Par38 bulbs 12x3w with the green, red and uv at very reasonable prices( second hand also i don't mind) but will take my time as i feel only my sump would need light for now(cycling period). Am also planning on getting an intelligent controllable LED light for the DT by end Jan( Any suggestions?) Have decided to redo my plumbing so that i will have from my main DT -> 3 ball Valve,1 to SM100,1 to filter sock, and last one so i can drain water to the drain at my common corridor 5 feet away when i do WC( Wooot) -> live rocks and some biohome -> refugium -> 2 return pumps(in case 1 dies) one of which will t off to my chiller(HC300) and back into last compartment. The skimmer will be placed in first compartment when i get it together with the live rocks and biohome. Sump will be lighted by a LED grow light(to be bought next week). So now comes the main issues i have been deliberating in my head, for the DT i wanted a black sand bed but can't seem to find anyone who has them. So i might just go with whatever i see that looks good. ( open to any suggestions, please do include brands and where to buy if possible) For saltwater, can anyone advise on whether to use distilled and add saltmix or DI and add saltmix or NSW from lfs (Please do advise on which type of saltmix works best) For my refugium i am still unsure whether i use the same sand as DT or am i supposed to get some special soil? Also how deep will the sandbed have to be? ( am not running a reactor till much later as its gonna be fowlr first) That being said any gurus please feel free to point me in the right direction, question or correct anything i have posted so far. Happpy New Year, here's to wishing all the bros and sis a happy, fun filled and prosperous year ahead !
  8. love the slanted look for the tank and cant wait to see what u have planned. Bro mind sharing ur sump setup?
  9. yup bro i new years move the tank out then 2nd should start to piece together and cycle liao woohooo cant wait
  10. very useful information for newbies. thanks!
  11. Would a fuge of that size be sufficient ? am just wondering cos am planning on mine and am not sure if its too small. Thanks
  12. Maybe instead you could just lower the filter sock to below the tank height so that if overflow still its gonna flow back into ur sump? Just a suggestion
  13. love the corals and fishes so far, cant wait to see it when you're fully stocked!
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