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  1. cant seem to PM u- got any other cntact? WA-nine one 9 one 8 nine nine 1 thx
  2. hi all looking for either xf330 or 350 single pump only Pls pm if u have a used one to let go, thanks!
  3. sad but true https://reefbuilders.com/2023/10/25/is-the-hobby-getting-too-expensive-part-ii-livestock/
  4. brand new set direct from manufacturer packaging opened for pipe measurement never switched on made in Italy 7000l/hr , 55w
  5. Thx Andy. But mine were in the baffles in the sump, not sure how any fish is gonna squeeze in there.. ('were' cos i've been removing them manually..think tweezers and superglue) just hoping they dont come back too fast too soon
  6. trying to eliminate the problem altogether.
  7. saw some at iwarna a week or 2 ago
  8. hi bro, can pick up tomorrow?
  9. 1. 12w refugium light - looks slightly red with the naked eye. able to set auto 3, 6 or 12hr on/off every 24hr. whites/other colors can be switched on separately. used only for a few weeks. $18 2. 4ft fixture with working blues and reds. 108w incldg whites. good for big refugium or to be supplemented with whites in display. app controllable. 3. Brown gracilaria 4. Red gelidium? graci? unidentified 5. Dull red gelidium? graci? unidentified 6. Codium sp. pls PM for interest, thanks!
  10. doubt its a one-man job. check Carousell to get a quote
  11. Hi folks I've some macros in my fuge that I'd like to trade. i'm open to suggestions but leaning towards coral frags. Attaching some random images. Please PM if keen, thanks y'all!
  12. anyone still interested in macroalgae or has this thread died off?
  13. old 4ft led fixture to trade(happy to consider any offer) or give away(reason enough :p) - 108w originally but... - whites are no longer working - blues and reds still work fine PM if keen, thanks!
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