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  1. Hi dinGDinG, Am using LED light but cannot adjust intensity type. I place it in me mid level of the tank. Maybe I try to place it lower to see what is the outcome. Thanks for the advice. Cheers
  2. Interested in your orange Yuma . Where to collect?
  3. Ha should be hammer coral lol Dun see any brown jelly on it
  4. Hi, My hammerhead color seem to be fading. Need some advice on how to restore it and maybe what is the root of the cause. Many thanks.
  5. 3ft tank and mainly LPS and fish plus some invert
  6. Hi, Just wanna check anyone familiar with this Current Orbit LED light for marine tank? Read the review like not bad. Would like to listen to fellow reefers for some valuable comments before committing. Thanks in advance. http://current-usa.com/aquarium-led-lights/orbit-marine/
  7. Urchin collected. Closed.
  8. I have 2 sea urchin to giving away. Anyone keen? Please bring your own container. Collection at Jurong east. Thanks
  9. Thinking changing, Where to buy h2 pro?
  10. Hi sunnymau, Thanks for the valuable advices. Will monitor them closely .
  11. Yes,water topping up is required. About 3 days once. About 5 cups.
  12. Yellow goby trying to chase the skunk shrimp away
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