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  1. Hi, All, Astrea Snail given away. Total 4~5. No more algae for snail to consume. PM me if interest, collection at Bishan MRT after 8pm. Thanks, MT.
  2. Hi, All, Astrea Snail given away. Total 4~5. No more algae for snail to consume. PM me if interest, collection at Bishan MRT after 8pm. Thanks, MT.
  3. pm me pls. thx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi, All, Dry cyclope always float, many don't like it. however, i used my "chicken Essence" bottle to scope tank water, put 1 spoon of cyclope into it. keep in my fridge fromafter > 6 hour all cyclope settled on the ground, then start feeding, please try out, very good result.
  5. Hi, bro, T5 8W, i bought 1 of mine in KL curve shopping ctr (Fish store). It is JEBO 8W T5 and so far i don't found any in singapore. Also, it seems to obseleted due to overheating issue. Plenty of Blue and white but not actinic in Singapore. Anyone else can help on this? Thanks, miketeo
  6. Hi, bro, what test kit u are using? KH low can add reef builder from seachem. what did you add to your tank? What is the calcium/magnesium reading? Cheato need light to grow. However, what type of light u using? T5 ? PL ? Daylight or Warmlight? i'm using PL at 9W and my light shine thru the side of the glass to Cheato, it grow like nobody business. need to remove every 2 weeks. Light is 24/7. IS there any coral in your tank, how are they now? Hope this help. Thanks, miketeo
  7. Hi, Bro, Food grade still can use? Is it still magChloride? Epsonsalt is MagnesiumSulphate which i don't want. I can wait 1 week then. hope to hear good news from you. Thanks, miketeo
  8. Hi, all, Anyone sell MgChloride? I need about 1~2Kg,... Bulk order from other reefer does not have spare anymore,... anyone? Thanks. miketeo
  9. miketeo3


    Hi, Sherman, Wish to share my experience on this peltier cooler. I got this picotank size (Reef) 15in x 8.5" in my office (Include refigium). My office aircond always turn off on Weekend. Temperature measurement can go as high as 30 Deg. Well i need to cool them down. The picture shown a peltier sandwich between 2 aluminium heatsink. + Fan (this fan also contribute to my water evaporation). I understood that when times come, the heat sink could melt and cause the saltwater mix with this aluminium ion. Fortunately, i had been running for 4~5 months now but i don't see any effect on my reef+Fish. Partially could be cause by changing water weekly of 10~20%. Up to date no rush but green algae form at the aluminium plate. Overall temperature in the worse case weekend can maintain around 27 Deg. I'm happy now. But how big is your tank is the main concern. (Mine been light up by 5 T5 tube and Moonligh + Refigium Light + Return pump). So, actually, it could help by bring down only 1~2 Deg but that is what i want. Here is the picture. Hope this help. Thanks., miketeo
  10. Hi, all. Just go down and no more there, due to Ric melt. anyone got it so far? miketeo
  11. Hi, Creetin, I'm interest on the whole unit, please SMS me. 96959371. miketeo
  12. Hi, creetin, any scratches? i buy for my friend. pipe and pump included? Thanks. miketeo
  13. Hi, All reefer, Anyone buying Calcium Chloride in 25Kg (Bulk order powder form)? Do you have any to spare? I want to buy lose part. Please PM me. Thank you.
  14. Hi, All reefer, Anyone buying Calcium Chloride in 25Kg (Bulk order powder form)? Do you have any to spare? I want to buy lose part. Please PM me. Thank you.
  15. OK, good news is i try my new package of coralife salt that not harden, still dry in the powder form. Salt added into bucket RODI water slowly until salinity level reach. no residue and quick dissolve (~ 5 min) the dkh is wonderful now. dKH~ 7 to 8. Calcium 420. Compare to harden slat (<2). Ai yoh, no wonder i also need to add more Carbonate hardness each time changing water. another experience gain. I think i will continue to buy corallife depenf on the quality(dry powder). Any other good brand and good price salt recommended? hope this help.
  16. Yesterday bought another coralife salt from Pacific Reef. Quite happy because it is still powder form. I find that powder form will not have any residue at all for < 24 Hours circulation. I'm yet to measure the KH and would like to find out the different of the KH for powder form and pet mart *wet (wif moisure). As for calcium, the level is still good. So, it is not depend on how you mix with the salt to the water (in this "moisure salt p etmart"). no matter how i try, slowly add salt to water, the KH is kind of low. (< 2). It could be due to chemical reaction due to leakage and brough down the KH. Hope i can get the good result of KH in powder mix? Anyone?
  17. Hi, All, Any sun flower zoa frag for selling? want to buy. PM me please. Thanks you. miketeo
  18. Yes, Petmart now coralife salt is with moisture. I mean the package is leakage. it is now no long powder form. i dissolve it and get low KH and also with residue. Anyone got same experience?
  19. Thanks all bro for interest. The coral has been reserved..miketeo
  20. This is the Octo. the one in front, single big head. with me for 2 years and very healthy. selling 10SGD. Thanks,
  21. Hi, reefer, Single mushroom on the life rock. $2 each. Frag from mother colony. 3 pc al together Size bigger than 50cent coin. (2 in) interest to collect at woodland. thanks. miketeo
  22. Hi, bro, interest on the zoa. when can i come down to collect? Thanks. miketeo
  23. Hi, Bro, you starts this hobby for about 2~3 months and thinking of quiting? still early leh,... reseting a tank is quite normal for this hobby (starter). maybe ask yourself what did you do wrongly this round? and make sure it don't repeat again next time. this is expensive hobby expecially you keep coral. try to maintain same coral as you have before zoa and mushroom. after your success, you add another LPS (Advance) and it require different skill set again, and spend more money,.... Reset tank is best because you restart your bio system and everything. Make sure all parameter in line before add stock. Hope to see your success next round. all the best. regards, miketeo
  24. Blacksand at some extent can cover algae growth on sand bed. Further more it bring up the contrast of coloration especially if you have all RED RED coral. It is fantastic view. My 2cents. I myself had "SAPU" 3 bag for my 3ft tank. i'm looking for small amount for my pico tank (1ftx1ft) but no luck up to date.
  25. Hi, Bro, It is pretty hard to find black sand nowaday. Petmart and C328 oso don't have. Iwarna carry valcano sand. regards, miketeo
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