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  1. Thanks, i not even know balling effect. Just to top up my calcium additive. Bought from Creetin last time but he has no more..miketeo
  2. Hi, Reefers, Anyone got spare? Want to buy bulk, where can i find here in singapore? Thanks. miketeo
  3. Not only bacteria in your canister as consideration. Your arowana water source from where? Tap water? You will contribute phosphate and silicate when converting to marine tank. i don't think it is a good start. it is different world.
  4. Hi, Reefer, Anyone can share where to get this Disk Plug for frag locally? cannot find from the website and if you have any care, plese PM me. Thanks.
  5. How big is your tank? What is your water parameter? KH/PO4/Calcium ? FYI mushroom is easier to kept compare to zoa.
  6. Hi Bro, I had done it but with no sucesss. No casualty but the mushroom detach after nextday,... i'm using commercial type of super glue (and it wont harm to coral, acording to some article). Anyway, after try for a few round but still no success. if you are able to do it, don't mind, i would like to know the method as well. I dried the live rock and base of mush room (still slimy even try to dry it). drop a super glue on both site and attached. thanks, miketeo
  7. upz, life sand - sold. reef octupus: $ 130 M620 $ 20 thanks.
  8. Thanks bro solo, see how this tread progress first..miketeo
  9. Any Bro got spare frag? Need some small frag. Thanks. miketeo
  10. Hi, Bro, Where you stay? can view first? Thanks. miketeo
  11. bioball sold. T5 light set sold. thanks.
  12. Hi, Reefer, Got the following items for sale after upgrade to 3ft tank. 1) Seio M620 with sure grip magnet: 30 2) Reef octopus NWD200: 150 3) Life sand: 20Kg 10 4) A bag Bio ball: 5 5) LifeTech ret pump: 50 6) T5 light: DIY: 50. 7) 2ft tank free C&C with sump. (Note: stand is rough iron but it is rushty, sump is DIY 2ft, main tank with scratches) Thanks for viewing.
  13. Hi, decom my tank, Got DNW 200 Reef octupus for sale, external skimmer. Good dry and wet skimmer, performing well for my tank. Looking at 200 and collection at Woodland. Thanks for viewing. miketeo
  14. Hi, Sis Ming69, I'm interested in Sunflower03_04_05 too. PM me if anybody back off. Please also eagle eye if possible. Thanks. miketeo
  15. No bro, but more toward DSB for marine tank like aragonite sand.
  16. Anyone want to sell his black sand? contact me please. thanks
  17. hi bro and sis, any recommendation where to buy? AM out of stock!! anyone have spare? thanks, miketeo
  18. Sorry good respond. thread closed from here.
  19. hi, got 2 weipro skimmer. 1) weipro 2012 still working condition in store, FREE (Self collect no pump). 2) Weipro 2013 with pump. Selling SGD10. first come first serve. Thanks. miketeo
  20. PM you on skimmer but no reply leh,....
  21. Hi, Bro, I'm interest on the zoo. can collect immediately. sms: 96959371 Thanks. miketeo
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