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  1. Hi, Bro, Want your Tank leh,... Care to share your selling price? PM Me please. Or please PM the tank maker to me, want to build exactly same configuration. Thanks. miketeo h/p 96959371
  2. Hi, I'm looking for partition tank. 4 ft with sump. anyone who have lobang, please PM me. Thanks.
  3. flow rate, water source, PO4, low rate skimmer, old light, overfeeding,.... all the above cause brown algae. first what is your water source?
  4. Rics area . Just bought 1 week ago from Iwarna. gonna do rics garden later. donno can sucess or not!!
  5. thank bro ambystoma, your tank oso dam sui. must learn from u too.
  6. Hi,all bro,... UV SOLD. Left EHEIM now,........ gonna gone soon,...
  7. Hi, All, As you may notice, my equipment upgrade liao. Dorm fridge to chiller. In fact, i must agreed that in term of efficiency and power loss, definately chiller will be the best solution. The chiller even if measured it is running in 385W in 10 min every hour kick in, while standby only 5W, still better that fridge which always run at 150W and chiller able to bring down the temperature even lower. Skimmer also upgrade from Weipro 2012 to Reef octopus. Immediately, notice water quality in best condition. crystal clear without much residue. And coral extent much bigger. Huh,... this hobby still need a lot of experience and patient. really agree. Thanks.
  8. My fovourite cornor, Octo, Poly, mushie,.....
  9. Hi, All, Long time never update liao. here is the cynarina.
  10. Hi, all, wish to sell the following used items, 1) Eheim 1250 - $50. 2) Rio 10HF - $20. 3) Jebo UV - $20. All good and working condition.
  11. 2. calcium and kh additive - $10 per pack of 1kg Can PM me pls.thanks.
  12. Hi, Bro, If my calculation correct: Your Chiller kick in for 40 min every hour. 40min/hr x 24hr = 960 min/day = 16 hr/day your monthly usage = 16 x 30 = 480 hr. Assume CL450 =450W your monthly wattage used = 450 x 480 = 216KW monthly bill = 216 * 0.20cents = 43 SGD. If this is the case, each time kick in 40min/hr is rather heavy. How big is your tank and wat temperature are you targeting? I have a 2 ft x 1.5ft x 1.8 ft with 2ft sump tank. My monthly bill is about 20 SGD. this is for your guide line and my self. your tank size is rather important to me for changing the chiller. Thanks.
  13. SMS me if still available. hp 96959371. thanks.
  14. Huh, don't really understand why keep login my and my previous username, maybe i need to clear my cache.,... forget it, i will use my previous user ID:miketeo3 sorry for confusion. Oceandeep: I will unveil my dorm fridge later. stay tune. tansk: thanks. never been to farmart. BT for 14 looks reasonable. My explore area more toward central and east.
  15. No, fishtalk. Stay near Woodland. Fish list: 1) bi color blenny 2) BT 3) Algae blenny 4) Mandrin 5) Yellow Wrasse. 6) Flame Angle but give up, peak my green bali brain (thank Alvin), finally give to my friend. My BT saw him peak and join him recently, make the coral shrink , after quarentine, the brain back to normal. open big big liao.
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