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  1. Dear Friends, Just clear all my live stock. Would like to sell off my tank. Tank spec: 24"x14"x16" Please see photos for clear understanding. I am in the midst of cleaning. Self collect at my place. SMS me I am selling $10 + 1 bucket of live rocks and coral chips. Please hurry. fooyl 93380093 Location : marine terrace
  2. A fine gentleman collected the fish and some live rocks. Thanks a lot!
  3. Dear Friends, Please adopt my yellow angelfish. About 2~2.5", not safe for coral. Please sms me fast. Attached photo for reference only. Thank you foo yee le 93380093 location: marine terrace. self collect
  4. Dear Friends, I have 2 fishes and would like to trade for old canon camera, spoil or filmed type is good for me. Because I want to go for a trade-in program by canon. Anyway the fishes I have are: 1) Yellow Angel 2" 2) Maroon Clown 2" All are health and eating well. Please PM me. Cheers PS: I will leave this swop until end of week, if no old camera, I will be giving away to whoever on Sat/Sun. Thanks Fooyl
  5. Dear all, I have a fine yellow angelfish to sell. The size is about 2~2.5", I kept it with Zoas, Octo and mushroom corals. It don't nip or eat them. I feed it twice or thrice a day. See the pic for yourself. Willing to let go at $20/- Thanks Please PM me. fooyl
  6. bro, can reserve #1 & #2 for me. When to collect? Thank you. fooyl
  7. Bro, Interesting and useful software you found. Just to check. is it for nano or for general size tank. I think the name nanoplanner is just the trade mark and I think it can be use for all sizes. Going to install and check it out later. Cheers fooyl
  8. Bro lemon, can I have one of your babies. I am into nano also and going to sell all my current fishes for small and cute like yours regards fooyl
  9. fooyl

    LED Panel

    Cool bro macro, can give a breakdown on the system used. Thank you fooyl
  10. Hi bro, I do not need a 3ft light set. Can just sell the 2ft separate? thanks fooyl
  11. fooyl

    LED Panel

    I see.. I thought can see some thing from the distance you took for the shot of LED lighting. Anyway, you are the expert. Will wait for your results cheers fooyl
  12. fooyl

    LED Panel

    bro sherman, why not power up the PL light and compare with the LED light? It would be good to see the comparison. cheers fooyl
  13. Hi bro, another reason is that my fengshui need red where my tank is.. haha fooyl
  14. Hi bro, I was told next week will have shipment. cheers
  15. Yes, ARTFRIEND in bras basah road sell. comes with standard dimension. cannot rem. something like 9" x 14" x 3mm/2mm thk pricing < 20. cheers fooyl
  16. Hi bro, Thanks. latest Wednesday. Isit ok? fooyl
  17. Hi bro, I am interested. Can reserve for me? Thanks fooyl
  18. Hi bro, it is not for air bubble for pumping of water, thinking of splitting the output into 2 places. But want to control the flow.. I saw T-joint but no control valves. looking for 12 diameter tubing. TQ cheers fooyl
  19. Hi bros, So how to get all these material? SS = stainless steel? please advise. cheers fooyl
  20. It is kind of soft, and is light red colour. May be is sponge like what bro said. Will check it out.. seem to be growing.. TQ
  21. Dear all, Don't know what is the technical name. What I am looking for is a T-joint for flexible tubes; 1 inlet and 2 outlet with control switches for the 2 outlet. the connection that I am looking for is 16dia. Please point me to the place that sells are any bros have spare. Thank you. Regards Fooyl
  22. Hi bro, Find something interesting with the ZOOs that you sold to me. see pic below. I think is spawning. Can confirm? so what to do with the eggs? cheers fooyl
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