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  1. some ways to reduce aggression. 1) buy more tangs to reduce aggression on 1 tang 2) take the PT out and put the YT and PT in tgt 3) feed more seaweed
  2. Been with me for around 1 year. stable, fat and eats seaweed, pellet and its own poop. Self collection at Woodlands. 20191204_224839_1.mp4
  3. for people who have enquired on individual sales, grand master krak 3 pp for 500 tree house of horror over 10 pp for 180 par 38 with fixture 100. Again, i must emphasize im looking for reefers who are keen to buy as a set. will only entertain individual sales if you are willing to pay. Low ballers, please stay away
  4. bought at 200 plus and looking to sell at $168. barely used. self collection at 730839
  5. Looking to sell plug and play set at $3k flat. My loss is your gain. Please pm me if you are keen and 10% non refundable deposit is appreciated as there are a lot of no show since i started this hobby. Pictures can be provided for reefers who are keen. PS: List is not complete Lowballers and separate sales, please stay away as i do not have much time to reply everyone. Do arrange the tank mover at your cost. Equipment 1. 4-2-2 tank with bean animal overflow made by CRA (inclusive of rocks) 2. 2 Hydra 52 HDs with double arm kit 3. Vectra L1 4. Ecotech MP40 5. Bubble Magus Insump Skimmer Curve 9 6. Par 38 with fixture 7. 1 Marine Pure block (8 x 8 x 4) Livestock 1) Chaeto 2) Yellow Tang 3) Copperband 4) Algae blenny 5) 3 pairs of designer clownfishes (breeding size) 6) 1 jawbreaker 7) Superman discosoma 8) Lightning Leopard discosoma 9) Captain Marvel shroom 10) Superman rhodactis mushroom 11) Interstellar shroom 12) RBTA 13) Green Hammer 14) Lumi Green torch 15) Black torch 16) Pipe Organ 17) Yuma – mostly bi-colour 18) Zoas a. Grand Master Krakatoa (3 pp) b. BBEB c. Super Saiyan d. Tree House of Horror e. Red VDM f. Twizzler g. Dragon Eye h. Tequila Sunrise i. Some other zoas which I sold before 19) And so on..
  6. Decomming due to work commitments. Livestock to go first followed by equipments. Will provide a list over the weekend.
  7. price at 20 dollars each. pm to arrange. self collection Woodlands
  8. looking to trade for voodoo, candyapple red, sikh warrior, vampire in drag
  9. hi, could you please pm me the tank maker and the pricing? thanks!
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