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  1. What do you feed your clownfish to get 

    fertile eggs

  2. i have just got the advance controller for maxspect gyre. Anybody can share their experiences with this controller As I having a bit of problem with their anti synchronized setup
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Are you using any booster pump?
  4. Any feedback on this please?
  5. I am looking at crystal pro and zero ex5 ( madpetz) Any recommendations on which is better in performance And lowest cost in in maintenance
  6. Is this product discontinue?
  7. Got a 150 recently. Wanted to test the pulsating mode and change the pulsing speed. Follow the instruction and found that there is no blinking light So I don't know what is the pulsing speed that is setup Anybody got this problem
  8. any idea when the 170 model coming out
  9. Can advise by users how often you clean the pumps Thanks
  10. When did you buy your set?
  11. Other than the crack wire, any other bros have problem with gyre. It seems that a quite a large number have been sold according to de aquatic. I have considering whether to get 2 nos of rw15 or 1 nos of gyre for my new 6 foot setup
  12. Thanks. The living and dining are extended area. The tank is divider to create second living room
  13. Initial considering square tank but could not get hm approval. Revise to rectangular tank have to use 1hp chiller as problematic to do hacking for aircon ducts Please comment on the layout and any suggestions is most welcome MR TAN.pdf tank.tiff
  14. I thinking of getting a 4x4 feet or 3.5x3.5 square. Any brothers can share Some pictures and setup for their square tank
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