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  1. 1.Santa monica US submersible red led lights. This is their gem surf lights. 3 pugs of lights. $85. See their page: https://www.santa-monica.cc/GEM5-high-power-underwater-refugium-algae-scrubber-reactor-and-hydroponic-light-5-real-watts-EACH-LIGHT-10-watts-other-LEDs-20-watts-CFL_p_84.html 2. Microbe special blend $10. Hardly used. Bought in may this year. Still almost full bottle. 3. Skimz 4 part arcylic dosing containers $35 4. Mag float algae pad $10 5. Tunze care magnet. Comes with additional metal blade. $10 6. Misc stuff -Eheim rain bars and 9/12 return pip
  2. Marine pure block sold. @mods please close thread
  3. All fishes sold and collected by a friendly reefer. Left with marine pure block. Marine pure block $25
  4. Selling below fishes. Fishes have been with me for a year or more. Eating pellets ans doing well in my im20. I dont quaruantine my fishes since it is a small im20 setup so do your own quarauntine or dont. please dont ask me if any corals in pics for sale..this is not a decomm. Just change in project. Yellow wrasse $6 Royal gamma $65 Bi colour blenny $5 and Flame blenny $5 Clown fishes × 3.selling as a threesome $8 Take all.fishes for $80. Priority given to reefer who takes all. Bring your own pail Letting go a Marine pure block $25 Co
  5. Sold and collected. @moderators please close thread
  6. Pending collection tonight by a reefer
  7. have below algae scrubber to let go. $5 collection Bartley
  8. letting go skimz sm161 monster skimmer. Older model but i just changed the pump a year ago. Selling $120. Still in good working condition and a workhorse. http://skimz.sg/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=97 Take below items all for $20 2 acrylic tanks. 36cm x 22cm x 26cm 21cm x 19cm x 25cm 2 sponge filters 3 bags of filter media(seachem matrix and biohome) 2ft white led light Not for fussy buyers. Collection Bartley.
  9. 1 blue 8l jerry can $5 1 blue 5l jerry can $2 1 opaque white 35l jerry cans $8 each Take all for $10
  10. Clearing space hence letting these go. Self collect at Bartley. DM if keen 1 blue 8l jerry can $5 1 blue 5l jerry can $2 2 opaque white 35l jerry cans $8 each Take all for $20
  11. Looking for teco tk1000 chiller only. Due to cabinet space requirements and layout only looking for this brand. Dm if u have one for sale. Thank you
  12. Thanks for the interest in the candy cane. Sold. Left the fruit loops frag and gsp mat
  13. fruit loop zoas frag (3 polyps) $23 Candy cane colony( more than 20 heads) $50 Gsp mat $8 Collect at Bartley
  14. - all sold. @mods please close thread
  15. - blue acessor $60( this retails at $80 so already discounted) - brain coral $60 - rock of greenbay packers zoas - $35 Clearance Take all for $90
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