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  1. Put fish food through the top hole of the trap. Normally after 2-3 days, fish will come into the trap to eat the food on floor of the trap. Then can catch the fish easier leh.
  2. Fishes for now. Nothing too fancy.
  3. Chaeto Dying ! I find those external breeding box kinda small. I suspect could be not enough flow, but its above my wavemaker. Thinking of DIY a algae scrubber instead. Still sourcing for ideas..
  4. Icic. I'm using photobucket, then paste the link direct. What kind of top up water ya using?
  5. Nice tank !! Is it my comp, or the photos are inverted? haha
  6. I used to have a few in my tank. Nv eat any of my fishes. They are mainly scavangers. I once had a Dottyback, which bite off a chunck of bobbit worm, nv forget the sight. Damn badass.
  7. Full tank shot. My midas blenny is hiding, lol. I like my tank to be blue. New true percs. Finally get them to eat after 4 days of not eating.... However, after 1 week, began to fight and the smaller one got its tail nip off. Isolating them now.
  8. Added Chaeto to create some healthy pods into the tank. Running on 12 hr 15watt white LED. My red LED just arrived, maybe might do a swap. thanks bro thomas_lim
  9. Maybe I too used to matured live rocks. Seldom see diatom in my previous tanks. oh well. Still dun know where to get new supply of distilled water since NTUC raise its prices.
  10. Yeah, agree. That will defeat my purpose of trying to run all these with lesser wattage. I might try 3 to see the effect though.
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