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  1. It is a good place to romance but a tad expensive, but i guess it is worth the lot for that very special person
  2. Good size for 4x2x2, can also consider it as a divider so that you can have 3 views...
  3. South Africa majority white leh...hmmm maybe nowadays more black... Stayed in 2 places and island hope a few island...try soneva fushi or gili, i missed that one
  4. Wow trade futures...stressful job...anyone you know by the nick taz? in the open outcry, he quit a few years ago already though
  5. Nice room with 3 different time zone...you in business?
  6. That looks like Paradise Island?
  7. hammy, did you bring shades or blinds? hehheheh
  8. The water bungalows will be a good experience although they cost more. What is important is chosing the kind of resorts that allows you to bath in the open privately !!! i ASSURE you it is a very nice and wonderful experience. Actually it doesn't matter on whether you are staying in the north or south atolls, if you intend to go to the best diving sites, your hotel operator will connect you up. Try the subs at male too... nice experience, it'll take you deeper than you can physically. If you are into fishing, go catch some marlin...expensive though... Check the season....there will be manta rays migration and all which is breathtaking... If your lugguage is light, bring some mineral bottled water on your own (you will thank me, 3-4 bottles per person) if you are not a beer fan. If you can get those small thermos type flask (small ones) you can also bring some specimens home....try the hermits, they are everywhere. If you love nature, try South Africa too....especially with the rand moving downwards, your S$ will yield more (you gotta hurry though)
  9. Oh i stared ! stared directly with em all ###### bodies ! with my sun glasses on hehehhe...how can you miss bringing your shades in such holidays? Having said that the jap babes are
  10. There are alot of resorts out there...you can try the following; 1) Paradise Island by villahotels, they have a few mre island resorts you can choose from. 2) Bandos 3) Soneva Fushi 4) Soneva Gili 5) Club Med (lotsa ###### around)
  11. Condo have low, mid and high end ratings. If you have stability for S$8.5k (confidently) combine for the next 10 years then go buy since you are living in it. If a condo is desired, then go get the EC (Executive Condo) or lower end condo which one can finance comfortably, range from S$350k to S$500k. If you have S$100-S$200k cash at hand, you can safely buy or with your S$8.5k combine salary (is it take home at S$8.5k?) it is ok too. Have bbq invite me can? hehhehe.. Note: If you have paid taxes (both of you) then above S$8k salary scale cannot buy HDB flats hehehehe
  12. Any idea why not interested?
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