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  1. Up fo sale is 1 unit of Aqua Illumination Hydra 26 HD. used for about 1 year at low-moderate intensity. good working and cosmetic condition includes hms mounting kit price: $400 please contact me at: 8one26 9three72
  2. Hi i’m looking for a small colony of purple/green staghorn, between 4-6 inches with multiple branches. Pm me if you have some available. Thanks!
  3. Traded and collected! Thanks. Mods please close thread
  4. There was a small octo at pinnacle this afternoon when i went down
  5. Still available! Hoping to clear by this weekend
  6. Great looking palys! Care to share where you got them? Or better yet, if you have a frag. Haha
  7. Reserved. Pending collection tomorrow.
  8. Hi I have a beautiful juvenile potter’s angelfish to let go, about 1” in length. Very bright colouration with almost no dark patch on the body as normally seen in this species. Feeding on pellets. One of the more “reef safe” options when it comes to dwarf angelfish. Selling to reduce bioload in my nano reef. Looking at $60 for this healthy specimen from SAS.
  9. Tank has been collected. Mods please close thread. Thanks
  10. Available for trade / sale. Opens to about 3 inches in diameter. Ready for collection. Looking for: radioactive birdsnest colony, small green toadstool / sinularia, small clam, golden clove polyps, trumpet, elegance or other interesting lps. Can give 3 pieces of sexy shrimps which host the carpet anemone for free. RFS: Already have another mini-maxi and dont have space for 2 in my nano.
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