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  1. New kessil 360x rocks. It casts wider than its predecessor. Has better blue and logic. a notch up then 6500. Even for the sides lol. And price point Vs 6500 fantastic also.


    For an LPS tank that is a three foot, I personally think an upgrade from the ZT6500 to the ZT6600 would be more than enough. I'm currently using one on my four footer with a 2 tube T5 hybrid, and my corals are growing pretty well, it's an LPS and zoa dominated tank. Of course, if you have the budget, Radions are always the best option and beats pretty much all the competition in the market right now.


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  2. Wts cuts of reddish brown gorgonian (A and B ) and light tan gorgonian ( C )
    Each cut about 6 inches with multiple heads so these will fan out fast. Put in high flow. Moderate to high light.
    Each gorgonian comes with an Inch frag of
    Red monti and orange fire digiata to grow out.
    (Pics further down)
    Each pack is $40.
    Wadsap 94788699 to reserve . Fcfs. Wysiwyg.
    Collection at drive through of 532471.
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