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  1. Selling 2 beautiful grown up harlequin shrimps for 40SGD. Negotiable. Pick-up Hillview Avenue. Reason : no time to take care of them anymore, I travel too much. Feeding : live stock of starfish, twice a month I would say. Depends on the shrimp behavior. Cheers
  2. OMG LEIIIIII This one already dead almost. Small pockets already empty it seems. What is the ideal for a gonio? Mix of phytofeast and roti feast + good water condition and slow water flow? Can they tahan in the tank at least?
  3. Thanks bro. Ur gonio does well? Mine does not open so much anymore.... Dont understand if they like light or not etc...
  4. Up for a quick reply bros?
  5. Hey guys. Thanks for your replies! My clown are hosting anemone and hardly go to the gonio. Flow is limited in this part of the tank, the tentacles hardly moves actually. I bought it like that, but it was fully open. It was already white...didn't know it could be bleached. You think I can target feed with roti feast or phyto feast? I don't have reef roids. I also have small mysis frozen one. Target feed need to stop the flow totally?
  6. This is the gonio when it was ok opening
  7. Hey guys, How to care for a gonio? It seemed to have been happy for a while, now, it does not open that much anymore. Light on for 7 to 8h a day. Water parameters are good. All other corals and fishes are doing great. Should I try direct feeding? Please, help!!
  8. Hello There, Quick update. My tank had a leak...appartment got flooded twice with salt water...not fun. Yet, I managed to save the live stock. And flooding in the appartment was ok, just a lot of rincing. The shop I bought the tank from has been very responsive, sending someone right ahead to collect live stock, stop the leak (joint...surprising for this brand - never happened before) and empty the tank. Sad sight for me. Eventually, they replaced with a brand new tank, brought the live stock back that was still alive and new sand...and the tank is running again. Only 4 days to go though
  9. Hey Bros, So, actually my water temperature has always been stable, like 26.8 to 27.2. But, I have actually noticed that my Phosphate were 3mg/l...way too high and my Nitrate around 50. Too high also, over feeding; Maybe it explains the reaction of the corals, dying. Your thoughts? Now oversees...the tank is operating alone...hope it will be fine when I am back.
  10. Guys!!! I need urgent help. My gonio and the green coral (above -- no ID) are dying. They start decomposing...they seemed to be fine for 1 or 2 weeks, now the gonio does not open so much anymore and the green one is decomposing. Any idea why? My parameters are alright, just changed 10% of water 1 week ago and did a 20% today. The water is a bit milky...but fishes, other corals, anemone and other stuffs seem to be alright! Thanks
  11. By the way, could you guys help me ID my corals? Thanks!
  12. Hey there! Quick update on my reef. Everything is alright...Parameters are now pretty much stable. Just got an issue with the auto topper...that flooded my main tank with fresh distilled water, hence density dropped to 1.023. But back to normal, slowly. Only the Anemone reacted to those new parameters so far. I now feed my tank with pellets, roti feast and phytofeast, randomly I would say. I have also added some mysis shrimps and big raw shrimps cut in small size. Have removed my hermit crab, returned it to the shop. And now, the reef looks like heaven. No more disturbance from a climbing m
  13. I use Life water with instant ocean salt. Change 7.5l per 2 weeks. My parameters are good. As for feeding, decided to mix rotifeast and a small piece of shrimp shredded in tiny pieces, mixed it with tank water and spread it with a direct feeding devise onto the tentacles. The Lobo loved it and closed down. As for the Gonio, it seems to be hard to take, maybe I have to direct feed on every tube...will figure this out.
  14. Thanks buddy. Any particular care instruction? Seems like I have to direct feed with bb shrimp?
  15. Hi Guys, Need help for ID and care. Added 2 corals (LPS - both seems to have a calcium structure though), not sure if they feed with light and good water parameters or if they need direct feeding with roti feast or phyto feast. First one - Been in the tank for 3 days, looks happy. Second One - Been in the tank also for 3 days, at night, it seems to open with tentacles...not sure. Here are some pics about the sicl anemone, that recovers slowly. I have been feeding shrimp once a week for the last 2 months. It used to be 100% transparent, even under blue light. Now, it seems to be glowing g
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