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  1. New arrivals Many scribbled angelfish assorted size Lennardi wrasse Spider sponge Green cabbage
  2. Hawaii arrived Flame angels Yellow tangs Multicolor angels Kole tangs Bartlett anthias Black and gold damsel Helfrich gobies Flame wrasse Rhomboid wrasse Crosshatch trigger female Red lip cleaner wrasse (Labroides rubrolabiatus)
  3. Triple shipment arrival tomorrow (should be available after noon). Red Sea: Purple Tangs, Sohal Tangs, Golden Butterflyfish, Red Sea 2banded Clownfish (Amphirion bicinctus). Sri Lanka: Regal angel, Pakistani butterfly, Gardineri butterfly, meyeri butterfly, megaport butterfly, chevron butterfly, 8 stripe butterfly, yellow head butterfly, zoster pyramid butterfly, leaf fish yellow, midas blenny, orange spotted blenny, tiger goby, exquisite purple firegoby, aurora goby, Dracula goby, bimaculatus anthias, parvirostris anthias, miniatus grouper, soapy grouper, clown grouper, saddleback grouper, ocellated longfin, powder blue tangs, clown tangs, convict tangs, yellow eye surgeon, mustard tangs, assorted naso tangs, torpedo ray, pilot fish, assasi trigger, anampses lineatus, cyanoguttaus leopard wrasse, blue star leopard wrasse, cleaner wrasse, halichoeres trispilus, cleaner shrimps, blood/fire shrimps, red and pink fromia sea stars. Australia: Chromis nitida, Starcki Damsels, flavicauda anthias (rare), pictilis anthias, Pseudanthias ventralis australis, Plectranthias longimanus, Colini angel, Scribbled angel, reticulated butterflyfish, 5 stripe hogfish (rare), Laboutei wrasse (Xmas offer), Lineatus wrasse (Xmas offer), Scott's fairy wrasse (Xmas offer), Ecsenius tigris (very hard to come by), Yellow Assessor, Sailfin dottyback
  4. New shipment Many M to L size achilles tangs, white tail bristletooth tang (uncommon), flame hawks.
  5. Bali Aquarich (100% Aquacultured) new arrivals available tomorrow morning onwards: Longfin Batfish Maze Angelfish Scribbled Angelfish Majestic Angelfish Common Ocellaris Misbar Ocellaris Platinum Ocellaris Black Ocellaris Midnight Clownfish Gold nugget maroon Lightning maroon Picasso A1 Grade Black Helmet Picasso Black Picasso A1 Grade Extreme Snow Onyx Snow Onyx Frostbite Black Ice Black Frostbite Nebula clown Storm clown Platinum Storm
  6. Cebu stock Cebu Shipment Cowrie Map Cowrie Splendid Cowrie Spotted Cowrie Ring Shell Stromb Abalone Cowrie Tiger Cowrie White Flame Scallop Ordinary Cuttlefish Egg (10 bunch) Cuttlefish ordinary Octopus ordinary Shell Bumble Bee Velvet Sea Slug Giant Sea Slug Spanish Dancer Coral Beauty SM Bicolour Angel Garden Eel, Blue Banded Regal Juvi Queen Angel Assorted Anglerfish 7 Angler Multicolour - male Multicolour - female Yellow Boxfish Possum White Banded Highfin Angler - Coloured Maculatus Original - Orange line Percula SM-MD Rainbow - Female (pink wrs) Flame Goby/Decora-Md/Lg Shrimp Goby ? with shrimp Electric Blue Yellow Wrasse - MD/LG Yellow Wrasse - small Green Chromis Yellow Tail Blue Fairy, Carpenter’s - male Yellow Fin Tang - Medium Mimic Grey Hawaiian Tang Unicorn Assorted Spotfin Wrasse - male Coloured Anglerfish Shrimp Goby White Cap w Shrimp Lipstick Tang Sailfin Tang - Med Swales Basslet Tiera Batfish Yellow Tang Jetnose Copperband/Chelmon small Japannese Basslet Fiery, Flasher wrasse - male Green Eel Blenny Longnose Hawkfish Orange Spot File Grouper Comet - Sm-Md Fanbelly Filefish Shrimp Goby Yellow Watchmann & Shrimp Shrimp Goby Antenna w Pistol Shrimp Shark, Banded Cat Egg Gissengeri Goby Map Toado tiny - Sm Widow Blenny, Blue Spot Widow Blenny, Spotted Starry Blenny Fire Tail Goby Pilot Fish Golden Yellow Patch wrs - male Conger Eel Star Stripe Puffer Sailfin Leaf Fish - yellow Comet Grouper Scorpion Fish - yellow Antennata Lionfish Fu Man Chu Lionfish Whiteface Leaf Fish Broom Filefish White Stone Fish Red Tail Filefish Yellow RabbitFish M Scorpionfish - Red Indian Scorpionfish - Coloured Blue Tang M Scorpionfish - Red Lined Goatfish Orbi Sm Orbi Med/Lg Bluespot Puffer 6-line/Pajama Pink Skunk Scooter Blenny red/yellow fin Male Scooter Blenny red/yellow fin Female Spotfin Wrasse Female Yellow Widow Blenny Tailspot Blenny White Eye Morray Pipefish Blue tail Lobster Squat - Painted Blue line Foxface M/L Fairy Lunate Wrasse Green Mandarin L Marblecat Shark egg Mandarin Med Yellow Stripe Clingfish Pygmy Red Spotted Cleaner Blue Maculatus Original - Tiny Maculatus Original - Sm Coloured Anglerfish Red Anglerfish Shameface Four Eye Shameface Purple Anemone Hermit Crab Arrow Crab Swimming Crab Spider Crab Longnose Spider Crab Anemone Crab pair Round Orange Lobster Black Lobster Orange Skunk Shrimp Yellow Banded Shrimp Pistol Shrimp Lobster Squat - Stripe Mantis Yellow Mantis Zebra Giant Red Line Shrimp Mantis Shrimp - Coloured Sea Urchin - red Bubble Anemone Rose Sm Bubble Anemone Rose Med Bubble Anemone Rose Lg Sea Urchin - pencil red Global Sea Urchin Pink Brittle Starfish 10 Leg Starfish Blue Starfish Specimen Coloured Starfish Sea Urchin Gratile Red Starfish Long Tentacle Coloured Bubble Anemone Red - M Long Tentacle Anemone Carpet Anemone red M
  7. Cebu shipment! Many oddballs and small critters like clean up crew that are critical for a healthy ecosystem. Coming week direct imports: Achilles tangs 50pcs , white tail tangs, neon gobies, queen angels, french angels, australia ventralis anthias, tigris blennies, fire shrimps, cleaner shrimps, flame hawks, atlantic blue tangs, etc.
  8. Bored of Australian corals? After a long wait, Tonga corals have arrived. =) Many montipora unique to Tonga available.
  9. Squamosa clams Crocea clams Acanthastrea Etc etc Photos on FB Iwarna Aquafarm, items selling out fast while stocks last.
  10. Hi All, Water collection for Triton test (ICP and N-DOC) is this weekend on Dec 7 and 8. Interested parties please bring 40ml of your tank water for each test to our Pasir Ris farm. Cheers Aquarium Iwarna
  11. Lightning Maroon clown Platinum Maroon clown Grade A picasso clown Platinum storm clown Black ocellaries ( black head) Normal clown Brazilian seahorse (Hippocampus reidi) Available right now.
  12. Hawaii fishes available: Flame angels good sizes, potter angels, kole tangs, yellow tangs, bartlett anthias, black/gold damsels, flame wrasse. Tomorrow after noon: Purple tangs, sohal tangs, hooded butterfly, arabian butterfly, cortez angel, king/passer angels (M to XL sizes), red head gobies, barber fish, diamond damsel.
  13. New arrivals: Many yasha gobies, blue tangs, purple queen anthias, tiger queen anthias, deepwater abyssus trigger, orange back wrasse. Many gem tangs (great pricing due to import volume), african flamebacks, aberrant tiger tail coral beauty, kingi angels, madagascar flasher wrasse, madagascar pencil wrasse, viviennae wrasse, lapillus wrasse aka jewel wrasse (on special offer due to volume savings), radiant wrasse, golden puffer, mask bannerfish medium and large, emperor angel, madagascar pearlscale butterflyfish.
  14. Cebu shipment arrived. Lots if interesting critters. Flamboyant cuttlefish, periclemenes holthusi, cyaneus flasher, marine bettas, etc.
  15. Items that should be ready after noon. Achilles tangs Hybrid achilles Flame hawks Maxima clams ultra grade
  16. New arrivals Golden Midas Blenny Exquisite Fire Fish Blue Eye anthias Evansi anthias Bimaculatus anthias Diamond Head anthias Powder Blue Tang Yellow Wrasse (H. Trispilus) Polhena Wrasse Dragon Wrasse Cleaner wrasse Cleaner Shrimps Red Fire Shrimp Tiger Shrimp Red Star Fish Pink Star Fish Crimson Knob star Miniata grouper Skunk Clownfish Yellowsaddle Goatfish Brown saddle Goatfish Zebra eels Kenya Tree Balloonfish Velvet Fish (Maroon colouration) Yellow tail Fusilier Messmate PipeFish Blue striped Pipe Fish Blue Cespitularia Bright Yellow Sponge Tree Champagne Glass Sponge Yellow Belly Blue Tangs Picture Wrasse Radiant Wrasse McCosker’s Wrasse
  17. New arrivals - all captive bred Clarion angelfish 6inch size Cortez angels 2.5inch Majestic angel 2inch Multibar angel 2cm Maze angelfish 3inch Mocha storm clownfish Black storm clownfish Platinum storm clownfish Black frosbite clownfish Black ocellaris Normal orange ocellaris
  18. Australia shipment: SPS, lobophyllia, duncan, euphyllia ancora, branching leptoseris, clove polyps, harlequin tuskfish, blue assessors, hydnophora excelsa, turbinaria, pavona species, cheekline maori wrasse, yellow lunar wrasse.
  19. RVS Philippines shipment arrived. Convict tang Powder brown tang Pintail fairy wrasse Clown tang small size Niger trigger Sailfin tang Blue linckia Squamipinnis anthias Purple queen anthias Algae blenny Twinspot goby Tomato clowns Meleagris leopard wrasse Six line wrasse Melanurus wrasse Dwarf lionfish Philippine yellow tang Blue throat trigger Clown trigger (s) Brown/white heniochus Coral beauty Doliatus rabbitfish Grey head wrasse Volitan lionfish High fin snapper Wartskin angler Venustus angel Torpedo wrasse Ventralis anthias male Half black tang Skunk queen anthias Saddleback butterfly Starcki damsel Bicolor cleaner Foxface Ornate wrasse Tomini tang (s) Green chromis Moorish idol Sally lightfoot crab Icon sea star Ocellaris clown Bumblebee snails Golden red feather duster Lipstick naso tang Vanderbilt chromis Sea star snails Flagfin angel (s) Bicolor angel (s) Orbic batfish (s) Black spot angelfish Pinnatus batfish Spiny lobster Blue velvet damsel Yellow clown goby Cleaner wrasse Canary wrasse Blue tang Red crab Crispa anemone Green bubble tip anemone Green long tentacle anemone Purple long tentacle anemone Green carpet anemone
  20. New arrivals Gem tangs (Many pcs to choose) Viviennae leopard wrasse Large size flameback angels Powder blue tangs Corazon's damsel Madagascar pearlscale butterfly (C. madagascariensis) Radiant wrasse Guineafowl puffer Tiger tail coral beauty Madagascar flasher wrasse (Hemitaeniatus) Jewel leopard wrasse (males and females) Madagascar pencil wrasse (Pseudojuloides polackorum)
  21. New fish arrived French angel Rock beauty Atlantic blue tang Purple hogfish Walking batfish Neon dottyback Orchid dottyback Yellow neon goby Blue neon goby Apogon americanus White spotted dragon moray
  22. Hawaii shipment arrived. Flame angel Yellow tang - Kole tang Red banded hawkfish White spot damsel Acanthurus blochii Helfrich goby (s) Multicolor angel Mystery wrasse (L) Velvet wrasse Crosshatch male Flame wrasse male and females
  23. Maldives arrival Ringtail Surgeonfish (s) Pink-bar shirmp goby Maldives anemonefish ThreadFin butterfly fish Meyers butterfly fish Yellowhead butterfly fish Exquisite Wrasse African coris (juvenile) Longnose butterfly fish Pink star fish Golden Traveally (pilot fish) Adorned Wrasse White/Threespot wrasse Black pyramid butterflyfish Four line cleaner wrasse Bali blackstripe basslet (deepwater and rare) Orange-spine unicornfish Exquisite purple fire goby Evansi Anthias Parvirostris anthias Blue eye anthias Bimaculatus anthias females Blackfin dartfish Yellow belly Regal angelfish Dracula shrimp goby (weekend offer) Yellow stripe hogfish (Terelabrus, peaceful) Moorish Idol Aberrant scopas tangs
  24. Week of rare fish. Price only available after arrival. Friday afternoon : Lubricogobius exiguus (rare and first debut in SG, only 3pc) Iyonis jawfish (rare and first debut in SG) Pristigenys niphonia palm size Orange halcurias anemones D. japonicus pipefish (rare, our second import) Cook Island flame angel (rare, only 1) Cook island canary damsels (only 2) Dragon morays Juvenile gymnothorax nudivomer
  25. Cebu shipment arrived Ruby red dragonet Chromis retrofasciata Tail spot blenny Yellow tail damsel Starry blenny Saddle back clowns Widow blenny (black) Pink skunk clowns Clarkii clowns Yellow clown goby Grissengeri gobies Zebra blennies Yellow tail blennies Randall goby Orange spot goby with shrimp Misc goby with shrimp Green mandarins Batfish juveniles 1 XXXL Black Anglerfish Brotulina fusca yellow Banded pipefish Yellow Coris Green Wrasse Zebra flounder Banded shark eggs Volitan lionfish Antennata lionfish Valentini puffer Burrfish and porcupinefish Baby marine betta Swalesi basslet Black ear dottyback Longnose hawkfish Arothron mappa Paraplesiops poweri Copperband butterfly Polleni grouper Coral beauty Assorted anglerfish, sargassum angler Juvenile emperor High-fin eel, Xiphasia setifer Bellus females Purplestreak parrotfish Lined filefish Brush tail filefish Grammica gobies Bluespot puffer Leopard puffer Giant pipefish Orange body filefish Red tail filefish Banana hogfish Yellow patch wrasse Sea goblin colored Marbled cat Brunneus wrasse Blue line triggerfish Paracheilinus cyaneus Roseafascia wrasse Yellow boxfish Small sailfin tang Small Philippine yellow tang Tomini tang Cleaner wrasse Bongo shrimp pair Orange skunk cleaner shrimps Yellow arrow cleaner shrimps (Urocardella sp. c) Stenopus cyanoscelis Upside down jellyfish Green serpent star Urchin sand dollar Blue linckia Chocolate starfish Global sea urchins Yellow tubeworms Pencil sea Urchin Sand dollar flat Ten leg starfish Colored tube anemones Purple long tentacle anemone Assorted anemones Strombus Cuttlefish (Sepia bandensis) Abalones Mimic octupus White spot octopus ordinary octopus Latreilla valida pair Assorted cowries Assorted nudibranch Blue velvet nudibranch (flatworm eater) Trimma tevegae Eviota nigriventris
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